Bots @carl-bot is now functional on the server, and it will be taking care of the automod. Please keep in mind that doing certain things will trigger the auto mod (too many messages within a certain time frame, sending too many pictures within a time frame, etc). The settings have been tweaked but I'm sure we will tweak them again later as we find what works best for the server. If you find that you are constantly having issues with the automod, please DM or tag @Rainbow Pikachu 🗲 . Documentation:

For those not on staff, keep in mind that a lot of the commands that you can access are only usable in the General Chats category or within #beep-boop-ima-bot . This is done so that the more serious channels aren't being spammed unnecessarily.

Suggestions We now have a #suggestions channel, please use the following to add a suggestion: !suggest message here All suggestions are currently anonymous.

Starboard We now have a #⭐starboard⭐ channel. If you like a post and want it to memorialized, you can react the message with the :star: emoji. If the post gets at least 4 stars it will be added to the Starboard.

Partners We have added a #partners channel. This channel is where you can see the requirements for adding your server as a Partner & partners we have added.

Looking for New Moderators! If you are interested in being a Moderator, please fill out the following form. Those selected will need to be active on a regular basis. If you make the cut, you will start as a Helper for a few days and then be bumped up to Moderator if it is a good fit for you.