KAITALA 15 DAY CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY Or raffle, what have you

Every day from the 10th onward we will give away 1 kaitala! This is a big opportunity for some people to get kaitalas if they haven't already or cannot afford them.


  • Get at least 1 person to join the Kaitala Official discord. BONUS: If you get 5+ people to join, you'll be awarded a second number in the raffle!

  • IF you cannot invite anyone, an alternative is this: advertise the Kaitala Christmas giveaway in at least one place, anywhere. It could be social media, a server, youtube, etc. Just make sure to send a link and/or screenshot to me of what you posted, and I'll count it as an entry.

  • I will assign you a number.

  • The winner will be chosen randomly by number.

  • Starting today (the 5th), you may enter the giveaway. This is to give everyone time to get the tasks done to enter. The actualy giveaway begins on the 10th.

EVENT: December 10th-25th

DEADLINE: December 25th, 2022