♡ We are a brand new server looking to grow and make new friends! ♡

⟣~When you join you'll be welcomed by friendly staff and members when they're online (((keep in mind we are a tiny server and the chat will die--we apologize!!!)))

⟣~We have self-assignable reaction roles including personality-dere roles, location, age, etc (((on top of all the free roles you can get, our server shop has custom name and color roles too!!)))

⟣~You can check out the bot channels to start playing with bots right away ^-^ (((bot channel descriptions and pinned messages will guide you a little before you begin!!)))

⟣~Every Sunday we have anime night ~ members will vote on a poll in events to decide (((3/4 of the mods are US based so our timezone for announcements are central/eastern time!!)))

⟣~We have an emoji channel to share and take what you like plus boosted server emotes (((our emotes are pretty wholesome and the guidelines are in the channel description!!)))

⟣~Easy to navigate channels for different interests ~ plus photos, aesthetics, music and more (((come post your selfies, pets, food, memes ~ talk about anime, gaming, music, etc!!)))

♡ Come join us and help us grow! ♡

⟣~~~Signed, Akoko-chan (owner♡)