A major part of Life of Crime, as the title would suggest, is criminal activity and a main part of such activity is our strong narcotics system, namely weed and grow. You can pick weed in a field where you may also harvest weed seeds that can be grown in your very own warehouse should you acquire one. The drops for this plant have been custom coded so that it is most likely to gain Skunk weed seeds by farming the green plant than it is to get any of the tier weed seeds. The seeds for the tiered weed grow system are as follows from lowest quality to best quality: Skunk weed, Ak-47, White Widow and OG Kush. It takes some time picking to end up with many OG Kush seeds so your indoor farm will be likely a mix but, heavily leaning on the Skunk weed side with some of the rest of the tiers here and there. Once you have a warehouse full of mainly OG Kush weed, you can make quite a bit of in city money.

The area where weed grows is grassy and flat and rural. You won't find it on a pile of dirt or on the slope of a mountain. Because it is green, like the grass, it is hard to spot so it would be best found by scoping an area out on foot if it seems like a good location. Make sure to wait a few moments before you move on to the next area because it can be hard to spot so comb through such areas carefully.