• The date will be Saturday 19th June 6:00 PM CEST
  • Draft Pick
  • Single Elimination with 8 teams
  • The game is over when a team's nexus falls

Prize pool The winning team will be given 6750 RP in the form of a 1350 RP skin gift for each player. Each player on the team will also receive a unique role @Tournament Champion

Sign up The team leader or team manager must apply for the team using the form: https://bit.ly/3uToE7Z

Don't have a team of 5? Check out our #looking-for-tournament-team channel to find others to fill your team.

The deadline to sign up is Saturday 12th June. Every participant of the tournament has to be in the server. We want you to use our Discord Server during the tournament. We will create an individual channel for each team.

IMPORTANT! The voice channels for each team will be opened 20 minutes before the tournament starts. Players must check in by the designated time other wise the team will face disqualification and their slot will be reallocated.