Woo!! Looks like we got a good chunk of active members here already~ How exciting! Anywho, perhaps now would be a good time to announce our plans for this server so far... It's a bit unfortunate that we don't have any upcoming events though. But hey! Who knows, maybe that'll change later...? 👀

  • Character Social Media - Instagram, group chats, direct messages, Twitter... You'll be able to have some silly fun with these!! I'm sure :]
  • Channels dedicated for your characters/OC's - These will include things like Character QnA, Headcanons, OC Lore Dump, Ships... And possibly more!

That's all for now!! Feel free to suggest anything in #╭꒰★꒱…suggestions for the server (such as an event idea, channels that we can add, etc etc) and we'll be sure to carefully consider it! Have a startastic day, everyone! 💫