Hello there everyone! Well, if you don't know (obviously because you're not in the server -_-). We will be having early events, we shall be planning on them. Here is the first one that WILL happen: EPIKWAR: Epic war will be a little meme battle, this is where teams of two will make a meme. The deadline will be on Jan. 14, it will start on Jan. 9. INFO: There will be teams of two picked randomly by the judges, through a wheel. The two must plan a meme before posting it on the deadline. If some teams have NOT made a meme, there will be a penalty. No, not ban or kick. But there will be a wheel of penalty, the penalties are... EPIC LOST- Die in EPIC RPG FORGOTTEN VOICE- Muted for 1-3 weeks UNBELIEVABLY SAD- Get robbed and do a crime (if the crime was successful then another rob from one of the top three.) ANIMATION DEADSTINY- Make a ten-minute animation with only 20 separate videos If they did not do the penalty, it would lead to an instant kick....we don't want that. There will be prizes too! Here they are..... 1st Place- Title 'MEME DUO', 2 full color and shading drawings of their ocs (If they have, if not then their favorite animals). 2nd Place- Title 'Epic Duo', 1 full color and shading drawing of their favorite plant 3rd Place- Title 'Tried Best', 1 lineart drawing of a character (dependant of choice). Others-200 coins in Epic Rpg. Hopefully you will enjoy it! Bye!