Welcome to MEW ™ Come join us and have lots of fun!

Meet new people, contribute to the server, and help us grow! Invite your friends for rewards so we can get bigger and you can get cool stuff!

»»──────────✰MEW ™ ✰─────────«« ──────────────✰──────────────── WHAT WE GIVE ♚ | Active and Friendly Community ♚ | Plenty of Bots to use ♚ | Giveaways ♚ | Self-Advertising Channel ♚ | Partnerships with many servers ♚ | People of all ages ♚ | Helpful and Reliable Staff ────────────────✰──────────────── ABOUT US This server is meant to be a chill server that was made to allow people to chill out, hang and make new friends, and find other people who have the same interest! Come and join us :) ────────────────✰──────────────────