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The official Discord server for Genderheaven and helpers - A community of people who want to help preserve xenogender coinings and history. Official server for the MOGAI Wiki on Miraheze! View and contribute to our wiki at

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The official Discord server for Genderheaven and helpers - A community of people who want to help preserve xenogender coinings and history. Official server for the MOGAI Wiki on Miraheze! View and contribute to our wiki at

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Term Removal


Please don't join the server purely to be added to the creator droplist. Please send a message to our Tumblr instead as it's much faster and simpler!

Name Change

In accordance with our new Wiki and our Tumblr's name change, the name and invite link for the server have now changed.


Like our Wiki, the Ezgender Official Discord server asks that you respect the wishes of our users! This is a safe space for people of all walks of life. 🚫 DNI: Anti-anti/proship, omegaverse, transmed/truscum/TERF/gender crit, anti-MOGAI, anti-endo, exclusionist or “neutral”/allow any of these. Thank you for being respectful! 🚫

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