Hi, I'm Alex the owner of Mystery Arcade! I made this server to be a welcoming safe community for those who want a place to hangout and have fun without the toxicity of discord. Mystery Arcade is an 18 plus server and it is not a dating server. We ask you to be kind and respectful to everyone in Mystery Arcade. Mystery Arcade is a small server wanting to grow. We currently have 18 members, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun. If we can get to 50 members we will start holding the weekly events for everyone in the server. I also take suggestions for the server to make it more comfortable to you guys the members. I may be the owner of the server, but Mystery Arcade is for you guys the members. If anything changes in Mystery Arcade you guys will know about it the second it happens. I have a wonderful mod team that is willing to help and answer any questions if you have them, and you can always contact me about anything at Alex B.#2428. With that being said I am looking for more staff to help in the server advertising, and moderating the server to really get things going. Thank you all for reading about Mystery Arcade and I hope you all have a fantastic wonderful day and or night!