Good Morning all! We are proud to announce that our community is under new management. The Owner of Iron Sight Servers is stepping down to deal with personal issues. Server ownership has been transferred to Wildclone(T. Costa), the current Director of Iron Sight Servers, effective immediately. At the request of the Owner, Iron Sight Servers will be rebranded to No Chill Network, a network founded by Wildclone in 2015. No Chill Network will feature many positive changes for all members, current, and future. No Chill Network will feature a reworked staff system to ensure everything is running properly. The Director of No Chill Network will be tasked with day to day operation of the network. The Deputy Director of No Chill Network will serve as the second in command to assist with day to day operations of the network. The Assistant Deputy Director will serve as the third in command and will also assist with day to day operations. This is to ensure there will always be a director around if problems arise. The Directors will be formally known as the Board of Directors. Under the Board of Directors will be the Section Staff. Section Staff are tasked with managing specific sections within our network to ensure all areas are being closely monitored and moderated. Under the Section Staff will be Network Administrators. Network Administrators will be responsible for maintaining order among the network and are the second line of communication between the community and the higher-ups. The baseline of communication will be Network Moderators. Network Moderators are new staff members in the network. Once deemed appropriate by an appointed advisor, Moderators will have the option to keep their base responsibility or announce their bid for promotion.