@OCM Updates Hey! More updates to the server as usual. This updates lays down the foundation for what could be a much better role hierarchy & experience. I'm not going to bore you ay longer, let's just get into the details.

Improved Embeds

Embeds in #information has been updated again. The main thing here is an update to "Our Roles" and the introduction of the "Booster Perks" panel! You can check them over #information, they should now look sleeker than before. I also introduced these tooltips (i) to reveal more information. LMK if there’s anything wrong.

New Roles

The following roles has been implemented: @Unholy [30], @Active [15], @Familiar [5]. These all have their own unique perks as well and can be unlocked via Polaris levels. I also went through another round of role colors, and I personally like them much better this time. There’s also some more internal changes about roles too, overall I hope you like them.

New Booster Perks

@Nitro Boosters now receives access to #early-access, all level 15 perks. This should hopefully make boosting OCM a lot more worth it now. If you have any suggestions for perks, feel free to let me know and I can implement them if it's good.

As usual, please provide feedback! I want to make OCM better as a whole, and I hope this is a step in the right direction. From the supremest of fires, [email protected]#4424.