Onions and Luigi

Hello fellas.
First of all, anime is temporary but onions are eternal! Don't ever forget that!
I'm a-Luigi, number one!
Have a great day

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Hello fellas.
First of all, anime is temporary but onions are eternal! Don't ever forget that!
I'm a-Luigi, number one!
Have a great day

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The not potatoes and green mario

Alright so I realized you can make convos with Nadeko with customcommands and all that. Lmao it's crazy. It takes a lotta effort but it's fun. Yea that was about it Have a great day!

We are dead pls help

cough cough.. uhhmm so we have been dead lately. And I wanna talk with people but ya know..... You can't talk when you are dead sooo I would appreciate some good fellas help :D

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