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-日本語を勉強しましょう- -日本語を勉強しましょう-
Learn Japanese in a well-moderated community environment. All levels welcome. Note: this server is a STUDY GROUP, not a tutoring service.
ShibePalace ShibePalace
A very new server! All about anime, gaming, japanese culture, etc. please join, everyone's welcome!
Otaku Universe Otaku Universe
Just a chill place to talk about anime, games and general chit-chat. No memes, no cancer. A mature and fun community.
Otaku D. Squad Otaku D. Squad
Gemütliche Anime-Community, die immer auf der Suche nach netten Leuten sind. (:
Fanatic Factory (Anime/Manga) Fanatic Factory (Anime/Manga)
A place for finding friends in any anime/manga series! More series are being added each day!
Anime & Manga Alliance Anime & Manga Alliance
We are the Anime & Manga Alliance! We are a new, and upcoming Japanese culture Discord server. We cater to Anime fans, Manga Fans, and more! Join!