November 1st: Server’s Choice/Thanksgiving contest starts/Bailey HG (PQ/PK) November 2nd: Town of Salem/Quote of the Week November 3rd: Activity Servers (Simon Says)/Axel HG November 4th: Activity Servers (Karaoke) or BGO November 5th: Activity Servers (Big Brother) or BGO/Axel HG (PQ/PK) November 6th: Quiz/Activity Servers (Discord Jeopardy) or ToS November 7th: Among Us November 8th: Server’s Choice/Tom HG (PQ/PK) November 9th: Town of Salem/Quote of the Week November 10th: Activity Servers (Kast) November 11th: Activity Servers (Simon Says) or BGO/Bailey HG November 12th: Activity Servers (Big Brother) or BGO November 13th: Quiz/Activity Servers (Discord Jeopardy) or ToS/Bailey HG November 14th: Among Us November 15th: Server’s Choice/Axel HG (PQ/PK) November 16th: Town of Salem/Quote of the Week November 17th: Activity Servers (Kast)/Tom HG November 18th: Activity Servers (Simon Says) or BGO November 19th: Activity Servers (Karaoke) or BGO/Tom HG November 20th: Quiz/Activity Servers (Big Brother) or ToS November 21st: Among Us November 22nd: Server’s Choice/Tom HG (PQ/PK) November 23rd: Town of Salem/Quote of the Week November 24th: Activity Servers (Discord Jeopardy)/Bailey HG November 25th: Activity Servers (Simon Says) or BGO/Thanksgiving contest deadline November 26th: THANKSGIVING/Activity Servers (Kast) or BGO <- OPTIONAL/Axel HG November 27th: Quiz/Activity Servers (Karaoke) or ToS/Thanksgiving contest voting November 28th: Among Us November 29th: Server’s Choice/Bailey HG (PQ/Pk) November 30th: Town of Salem/Quote of the Week