📝 Homework? Help is Here! 📝

Do you have a frustrating homework assignment and need some tutoring? We're here to help! You won't find this level of homework help on any other server, tell your friends about us!!! https://discord.gg/YfBfAE4


What can I get help with?


How do I get help?

When you join the channel, ping the relevant #🎭︱roles with your question!

If you need help with STEM just reach out to the @S.T.E.M. members! If you have an essay, give the @Literature members a ping! History paper? @History!

What Roles can I ping for Homework Help?

We have 16 different clubs available to fit any and all of your needs so give us a ping and we'll come help you out!

Role | Club @Anime | #💮︱anime @Art | #🎨︱art @Chess | #👑︱chess @Economics | #📈︱economics @Fitness | #💪🏿︱fitness @Gaming | #🎮︱gaming @History | #📖︱history @Linguistics | #👥︱linguistics @Literature | #🔖︱literature @Media | #🎼︱media @Philosophy | #🧐︱philosophy @Politics | #🌇︱politics @Psychology | #🧠︱psychology @Sociology | #🤝︱sociology @S.T.E.M. | #🧪︱stem @Theology | #🙏🏿︱theology

Enjoy! ❤️

We're always happy to help at any time of day, any day of the week, so come stop by!

(Warning: Users who ping these roles unnecessarily will be banned!)

Can I also join the clubs?

Yes, just grab the #🎭︱roles! Stop by for dialectic, debate, and discussion 24/7/365!!!