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Pornhub's official Discord server. Most active 18+ only server on Discord! Many members of Pornhub including Pornstars & staff. Own content channels, events and more! Moderated with passion. 51,000+ members.

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Pornhub's official Discord server. Most active 18+ only server on Discord! Many members of Pornhub including Pornstars & staff. Own content channels, events and more! Moderated with passion. 51,000+ members.

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Come & Say 'Hi!' to... Ally!

Yes folks another A name, another Alliee/Ally and I assure you this gorgeous lady is just as sweet and sassy as the previous one!! But don't just take my word for it, check out her mini bio below and come say hello!


ACTIVITY STATUS: I'm very active on the server!!

SHE LOVES PHD BECAUSE: The mods and the wonderful people you encounter.

HOBBIES: : I like to play League of Legends, read manga, watch anime.

WHAT'S SEXY? What turns me on the most is when I get my nipples licked and my hair being tugged on during sex with some neck kissing/gentle biting. And also, I feel the sexiest thing a guy and girl can have is have self confidence.


-Photo has been used with permission from member-


Gimmie some Lovin' with a side of Cream!!

No I haven't lost my mind. Haha. That was my attempt at some wit. :/ Points for effort??

Pornhub Discord proudly presents the arrival of the hilarious Ryan Creamer and the sexy AF pornstar Jason Luv. We kid you not!! They have officially registered on our server and will be conducting Q&As in the very near future!!

Probably best known from Collegehumour and his wholesome Pornhub videos (and an entire subreddit dedicated him), comedian, writer and performer, Ryan Creamer is both equally charming and entertaining. If you have no idea what I am gushing on about, check him out on . Oh the memes!!

Standing at a massive 6ft5, Jason Luv is an overload of sex appeal, being a main face of Blacked and Blacked Raw websites. He has some of the hottest adult movie scenes out and we are so damn excited to have him join us in the Pornhub Discord community.

So folks, as if you needed another reason to join our awesome, now Pornhub OFFICIAL, server.... here's two more. :)

Hope to see yas there!!


Do you know about Modelhub?

One of the benefits of being an uploader on Pornhub is the fantastic Modelhub program. From receiving a significant percentage in payment to contests and competitions (Currently you could win a trip to NYC!!) to exclusivity and copyright protection, our Modelhub members definitely receive some fabulous perks! Joining the server will allow people to interact with some of the models and also have any questions they have, answered! Also have exclusive access to any photos and videos they may post only on the server! Click the 'Join Server' button for this opportunity as well as our usual every day benefits and access to the other channels. Hope to see you there!


Come & Say 'Hi!' to... Panda!

Don't let her Discord name, Psychotic Panda fool you! Ever heard of a wolf in sheep's clothing? Well Miss Panda would be the opposite of that.. kinda like a sheep in wolf's clothing? Beneath the cheeky, intriguing name is an absolute sweetheart with the voice of an angel. Find out for yourself!!

DISCORD NAME: Psychotic Panda

ACTIVITY STATUS: I'm on every day!!

SHE LOVES PHD BECAUSE: The awesome people and the fun games/ events!!

HOBBIES: :Sketching, singing, video games, writing, cooking, sleeping lol

WHAT'S SEXY? Tattoos, piercings, light eyes, long hair, kisses and hands everywhere on the body

FIND HER ON UNDER: Goddess Panda

-Photo has been used with permission from member-


Upcoming Events!!

So not only does our fabulous server have a cool balance of NSFW pictures and videos for all of our members' different palates but there are also channels dedicated for your every day interests like memes, music and own-artwork.

We also have three great events coming up. This Friday, the 10th May is going to be KARAOKE NIGHT kicking off at about 8pm UK GMT. (That's 5am SATURDAY MORNING Australian EST, Midday FRIDAY USA PST, 3pm FRIDAY AFTERNOON USA EST, 12:30am SATURDAY MORNING Indian IST) and also back by popular demand, our ever so popular SURVIVOR event is currently being planned and hopefully should start this month with some nifty prizes for the winner!! For those who prefer the naughtier side to life... well, we have something in store for you too. ;)

As our members like to say, 'come for the porn, stay for the people!' - come in, say hi, stay awhile and join in on the fun!!


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