We had a massive server update with levels and fixed many permissions error. We also added things such as a starboard and a reaction role system. We also added a #venting channel if you’d like to talk about your day or talk about what’s going on in your life. If you’d like to see the full change logs, go on our server and read #announcements.

We’ve recently gain more members due to a paid promotion that we done on May 2nd. We gain many members so far and we are happy to gain more activity. If you’d like to win nitro, make sure to join ChillZone(discord.gg/chill) as they are the one who promoted us. Also, we are hosting a nitro giveaway of our own so be sure to join both servers to see if you can win. We also have a Minecraft server coming soon, with a few custom-coded and premium plugins. We hope you can join our server and take part of this as we currently have Double XP week. Double XP week is when we crank up the MEE6 leveling system so you can gain more XP. Instead of 15-25, it would be 30-50 XP a minute. We also have our own leaderboard @ https://mee6.xyz/puddle. If you want to find out about what we’ve added, join for yourself and take part in the servers activity and community. Just press “JOIN SERVER” to join our server.

TL;DR: We basically updated our permissions, fixed a few bots and made sure everything is good. We also did a paid promotion and if you want to win nitro, join ChillZone and we hosting one as well. All information will be on our main server if you are confused.

— Puddle