A. Art always appreciates year over the year thus the floor price will go up so holding long term will build long term wealth B - Staking will begin in Q2/Q3 of this year which allows you to make passive income by staking the NFTs from these projects as we will have a QARTS token available by then.
C - Right now we have the Alegoria Al Mar by Salvador Dali as the 1st project minting March 12, what’s unique is we have roughly 10 projects which equal to 10 paintings that will be available to mint, so this isn’t just a one and done collection that gets released. Think of QuantARTS as the custodian and host of these projects. D- You become part of the DAO by voting if we want to actually sell the painting in an auction, if the painting sells then you get a % of the actual sale in real life by holding the NFT. 70% of the community must agree upon the sale to move forward. E- Our vision is to have an upcoming Museum in the metaverse where you can view these priceless pieces of art, examples of metaverse, maybe sandbox, maybe decentrland, maybe others, this is still under research. F - Royalties will be available for the owners of the NFT, the breakdown of the royalties is 10% which is 8% for quantarts and 2% for each holder of the NFT for each transaction on the secondary market following the mint date.

Linktree: linktr.ee/Quantarts