Rocket League Potato League

Welcome to the Rocket League Potato League!
We are a RLPL esports server that hosts tournaments with new player and low level rank to compete in high stakes tournaments.

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Welcome to the Rocket League Potato League!
We are a RLPL esports server that hosts tournaments with new player and low level rank to compete in high stakes tournaments.

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Grab your mindset, and head out on the floor! RLPL 1VS1 bronze to pkat & diam to c3.

Win $25.

Every Saturday we do tournaments

RLPL 2's Tournament

RLPL 2's Tournament When; Dec 12th 💰 Prize; $50Ranks; Bronze 1 to; Plat 3

How to enter Tourny:Team members must be rank verified. #🏆rl-ranks ✅ Team must have games watched by one of our Referees :n0_Fleet: 👍 **For questions contact @v8 St00p1dk1d#4733 **

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