We're a general hangout community for folks a place to chat what's on their mind, whether that's their favorite topics, games, hobbies or just how their day's been going.

? ? We offer channels and roles for a variety of interests, including creative arts, media and entertainment, science and more!

? ? A uniquely themed, fully boosted server featuring original artwork, emotes and aesthetic created by members!

? ? Support, vent and wellbeing focused channels are available with volunteers ready to assist and provide advice!

? ?Weekly events including game nights, movies and occasional nitro rewards are available, and there is a active VC many days of the week or users keen to chat.

? ? Question of The Day (QoTD) and Adventure Time, a member-driven interactive roleplaying games exclusive to the server.

? ⛏️ An official Minecraft survival multiplayer (SMP) server with basic quality of life mods and mana. There's plenty of room for everyone to jump in and get crafting!

? ? Plenty of engaging bot integrations including fun custom commands and multiple high quality/bitrate music bots to carry the vibe!

Come stop by and say hi, we've saved a spot on the rooftop just for you. ? ?