Petition of Justice

We have decided to add another stage in our long journey across different MMO games to bring the petition to a completion and release series of E-Books after our official release in Egypt and Poland. The books will contain various experiences explaining how the players interacted, violated EULA and commit cyber illegal acts. These books will contain a brief of all players embodied in their avatars in a fictional story which will carry references and relations to what has happened to actual reality inside MMO platforms. As such people should understand that MMO is no longer a valid scenario for anyone to commit their gaming activity and resolve to real solution to prevent any dangers from occurring in their timeline and their group activity. That may not be the most effective solution but when the numbers of those in agreement raise and help out to spread the cause across the globe. That will absolutely solve a lot of our issues and protect our children from ever getting attacked online or exploited mentally. It is the blazing time for FireLords. We reflect blaze to never raze, we maintain flame to never sway and we will hammer firmly the danger potentials with cyber justice.

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