Recent Announcement:

Tuesday, December 1st, 2020. 8:49 PM PST

@No Roles @Ping for Announcements

Hello everyone!

I have a lot of good news today! I just want to announce a few changes in our server that happened quite recently!

First off, I want to welcome @GrimGreen#7274 to staff as one of our admins!

:clap: Thanks for joining us~! :clap:

Please treat him well!

Secondly, I'd like to announce that, as of today, we have hit over 50 members, almost 60 in this discord in less than a month! Thank you everyone for trying your best to keep the place active, thus encouraging others to stay or invite friends!

As staff, we will continue to bring you the best rp stories, scenarios, themes, and admin moderation we can!

:birthday: Yay us! :birthday:

Last, but not least, I'd like to announce two new roles we have!

Do you feel like your character isn't going to fit in either kingdom? Or you're a traveler that needs a place to "start"? Well, we've made a @Nomad role!

For information on nomads, please visit #how-it-works ! This role is unlimited. However, should you want to be in another kingdom, but access the nomad domain for any reason (for nomad domain info, visit #how-it-works ), you can now swap out your moon/sun kingdom pass for a @Outer Boarder Pass !

Lastly, because I feel like giving everyone a fair shot, everyone has one free pass to remove their current character that has not been heavily established in the rp one free pass to change over to a nomad should they choose! If you'd like to switch, please let me know and change your bio to reflect your scenario if need be!

Thank you for supporting us-- and thank you for supporting me with this server. I really like writing for you guys. :black_heart:

That's all for now! Bye-Bye~!