✨ Chill server themed around secrecy!
✨ Only the necessary rules and the hottest girls!
✨ Active - over 30,000 messages/day!
✨ Part of the new upcoming chain of servers!
✨ 0 mod abuse allowed!
✨ Unique emotes!
✨ Weekly events, giveaways, lots more fun!
✨ We have Pokecord alternative!!

About Server

✨ Chill server themed around secrecy!
✨ Only the necessary rules and the hottest girls!
✨ Active - over 30,000 messages/day!
✨ Part of the new upcoming chain of servers!
✨ 0 mod abuse allowed!
✨ Unique emotes!
✨ Weekly events, giveaways, lots more fun!
✨ We have Pokecord alternative!!

Server Website: Visit Website

Recent Posts

Create a Ginger Bread Man or Woman

One lucky reindeer can win $25 Amazon gift card and Nitro!

Must have: Your Gingerbread’s Name Gingerbread’s favorite thing about Christmas A caption of your gingerbread


The Gingerbread with the most reaction :heart: wins this contest.


So start drawing and submit your cute gingerbread. I can’t wait to see them

Create an Elf

Only one elf will be selected to join Santas Team, and guess what? Santa gave the secrets community the chance to pick that elf. For your chance for your Elf to win , and to win $25.00 via Paypal plus nitro please follow the submission guidelines below.

Submissions: Elf Name: Your Elfs Name Elfs favorite food: Your Elfs favorite Food A quick description of your elf. A IMAGE OF YOUR ELF, THE ELF CAN BE DRAWN/ or created in any format HOWEVER for your submission to count it must clearly represent an ELF Elfs favorite Christmas song: Your Elfs favorite Christmas song Elfs favorite Christmas movie. Your Elfs favorite Christmas Movie

The Elf with the most :heart: reactions will win #create-an-elf .

Prize: $25.00 and nitro

For any questions, please ping a staff.

??????? ???????? ?? ??????????

The campaigns will end 11/11/2020 BEFORE THE ELECTION WE NEED NOMINEES

Directions: There will be two political parties, ANIME NOMINEE (The party that supports Anime, Kpop, Art and Kindness) and a GAMER NOMINEE ( The party that supports Gaming, Streamers, Freedom of Speech) . To submit your chance to be the nominee of either party you must first choose your party, and receive the most :heart: reactions. The campaigns will end 11/11/2020 , and the Presidential race begins where the two selected nominees will complete for the most :heart: reactions and the elections starts.

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