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Free World, Bnitches Free World, Bnitches
This is an open chat, very little restrictions. Please just act like you're 16+ cuz children annoy me. Welcome, and have fun.
Exile Exile
A fun, friendly, mature community! For gamers & anime fans! Feel free to join us! Everybody is Welcome here ~ League Of Legends~ ~Overwatch~ Minecraft~ & More~!
Errant Emporium Errant Emporium
Active server for talking about politics, philosophy, religion & media. All views are welcome. Fixed the problem that required a password to enter.
Future Gadgets Lab Future Gadgets Lab
A brand new community that discusses anime, manga, music, games, art and general chit-chat. Fun weekly events (karaoke, movie night, etc.) El Psy Congroo.
Grand Gaming Community Grand Gaming Community
The 18+ gaming community. We offer a friendly, well moderated environment for the mature gamer.
1000+ MEMBERS This is a friendly environment for all types of people, and the most important rule is NO BULLYING!
Lion Heart Gaming Lion Heart Gaming
Lion Heart Gaming is a server that's home to all thinks Clash. If your into esports, tournaments, strategy, or just hanging out, we've got you covered!
Gamerz4life Gamerz4life
This server welcomes gamers and non-gamers, we are an active server we started not so long ago. We are all family here, we enjoy our time. Join and enjoy! :D
Infirmary Gaming Community Infirmary Gaming Community
Giveaways! Professional Mods! Game nights! Find new friends to game with in a well managed community !
18+ The biggest Cannabis/Weed server on Discord!
KrueTV KrueTV
The BEST discord channel for people who LOVE music. We talk about new music, listen to music, and welcome creators of music as well as lovers. Come on in!
Twilight Gamers Twilight Gamers
=JUST REVAMPED= Are you looking for a fun, friendly community? Come meet your new online family! We host topics such as Gaming, Anime, Lewdness and BDSM!
Total Miner Total Miner
Official Discord for Total Miner, A Voxel RPG game maker, We do weekly Giveaways here in the form of steam cards/games or xbox cards. Upcoming Steam game.
Classic Wrestling Fans Classic Wrestling Fans
If you are a fan of wrestling and especially the retro eras of wrestling, come join!
Reckless Gaming Network Reckless Gaming Network
Reckless Gaming Network, RGN, is a mature and multi-game PC gaming community playing games such as Arma3, RS6, CSGO, ARK, Minecraft, Rocket League, and more
The Chill Den The Chill Den
The Chill Den is a discord server based for people who like to chill, make new friends, play games and talk about whatever!
Pokémon Village Pokémon Village
General Pokemon related conversation. We have rooms for Pokemon GO, WiFi battles, and more! Showdown Tournaments held every other week! Ages 16+ only.
New Game! New Game!
The most active, fastest growing anime & gaming community! Join and take part in giveaways and events! Music and radio bots for everyone to enjoy!
FiMGaming: Brony Gaming FiMGaming: Brony Gaming
FiMGaming is a family-friendly MLP themed gaming community that welcomes all kinds of gamer. We host regular game nights in Minecraft, Garry's Mod and more.
Furry Arts & Crafts Center Furry Arts & Crafts Center
A friendly furry discord server designed to help promote Furry Artists, Fursuit Makers and Cosplayers. Everyone is welcome in our server!
Chub n tuck Chub n tuck
This is the cool kids club. This is where you go to become a man. This is where you go to go places. We play video games
League of Teemos League of Teemos
~ Casual | League of Legends | Community | Fun Bots | Chat | Gaming ~ Now with more than 200+ League Players!
GamingFM GamingFM
Seit 2013 auf Steam im Amt vor kurzem auf Discord gewechselt. Nur zu 110% verrückt. Versprochen...nein, wirklich! Ich mein's voll Ernte.
itsjustandy TubeTown itsjustandy TubeTown
Offizieller Server von itsjustandy Komm rein und unterhalte dich mit anderen Youtubern oder Zuschauern. Was ist in und was ist Out? Du hast es in der Hand
We are a strong Independently friendly gaming group that allows the partnership and creation of friendship to our community greatly.
Alter Akiba - Anime/Gaming Alter Akiba - Anime/Gaming
Join us on talks about video games, anime, music, art and more! We have Music Bots and weekly events. Don't miss out!
RetardNation RetardNation
welcome to RetardNation, please enjoy your stay at fuck her right in the pussy hotel, and enjoy a few shows like: Biggy cheese, Hitler jokes, and so much more.
Future Gadgets Lab Future Gadgets Lab
A brand new community that discusses anime, manga, music, games, art and general chit-chat. Fun weekly events (karaoke, movie night, etc.) El Psy Congroo.
Anti-Anxiety Chillzone Anti-Anxiety Chillzone
Friendly server to discuss anxiety disorders such as OCD, GAD, Social, etc, as well as everyday anxiety. Follow the rules and no drama please . Stay chill :).
Otaku Zone Otaku Zone
A place to talk with other people about anime, manga, and games.
Made 100% by the community. Currently home of 500+ members. Join, and have fun!
Me4502's Chat Server Me4502's Chat Server
General Chat, Gaming and Programming channel run by Me4502. Also home to CraftBook's official channel.
Overwatch Overwatch
Join if u want to play overwatch with people!
OtakuGaming OtakuGaming
A community based server where you can meet new people & make new friends! Chat about all sorts of things and play games together. We are otaku gamers :)
Teets Teets
This server, you can do anything in. Literally! Music, chat, voice, nsfw, cursing, hentai, anime, profiles, levels, literally anything!
Phénix Comunity™|Team Phénix Comunity™|Team
Bonjours/Bonsoir Vous pouvez go sur mon Discord il y a des espaces team des espace jeu etc... Serveur Sympa et très actife
ʟᴇɢᴀᴄʏ ʟᴇɢᴀᴄʏ
The most active, growing gaming community! Join and take part in events! Music and radio bots for everyone to enjoy!
ɚ - Share your Electronic music ɚ - Share your Electronic music
Share your electronic music is a discord server for all kind of electronic music ! Come and share your favorite song ! -Free share of your song -Free advertisin
Locked Tavern Locked Tavern
Communauté FR. League of legends Dofus CS:GO L4D2 et d'autres, venez discuter, jouer dans la bonne ambiance :D
Age of Empire multi Age of Empire multi
Age of empire public server, come to find a match and community !
Lemuria Lemuria
Gaming community for Might and Fealty, Lands of Lords and other games mostly browser based ones.
Shut-in-Network Shut-in-Network
We're a group of shut ins, neets and introverts who like to hang out, make friends and be cozy with each other. We're an [18] plus server
Blaze-chan Fanclub Blaze-chan Fanclub
This is a Felinia fan group, made for Felinia fans all over the world to meet.
Public Community Discord Public Community Discord
Public Discord for Online Gaming,Anime,Hentai,Adult, World News Politics And Much More