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The Virus Domain The Virus Domain
An active and receptive domain! Join if you are interested in gaming, anime-manga or other general fun things. Choose your new Mafia themed faction ~Git Gud!
Team Space Dicks Team Space Dicks
A bunch of mentally atrophied little buttbuddies injecting various substances into their bloodstream to achieve immortality and manipulation of quantum forces.
Mickey Mouse's Trap House Mickey Mouse's Trap House
we have e-girls and faggots and whatever else you want to meme about idc.
/r/healsluts /r/healsluts
A gaming/BDSM community built around the "Healslut" Dom/sub dynamic. 6500+ members with a variety of channels.
Anti-Social Society Anti-Social Society
Super fun/friendly community looking to make friends. Our interests are mainly Anime(group watches), Games, Music and Art. No drama! Come hang out and have fun!
Lewdsona Lewdsona
Join the Phantom Thieves in their adventure to steal all the panties.
KrueTV KrueTV
The quickest growing server for people who love music. But we keep that small fam kinda vibe :P, always.
Lost Vault Lost Vault
Lost Vault - Русскоязычный Discord Сервер - Развивающееся игровое сообщество из России и не только.
GayDayz GayDayz
GayDayz is the most active LGBT and gaming discord community! We hold weekly gaming events and giveaways. GayDayz is a Discord PARTNERED community..
We're a chill male-only group for gaymers to hang out together, with many Europeans and North Americans. All guys into guys welcome. No drama. Age limit 16+
Lion Heart Gaming Lion Heart Gaming
LHG is a gaming community that runs on competition. This common interest is what makes us lions. We're hungry to win. Are you?
Steamship Steamship
Fun and interactive place to find other gamers, if you're looking for like-minded gamers, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Steamship community!
Grand Gaming Community Grand Gaming Community
The 18+ gaming community. A friendly, well moderated environment for the mature gamer.
The Scarlet Academy The Scarlet Academy
One of the biggest LGBT+ friendly gaming discord servers. Nearly daily events, including Karaoke, gaming events & GIVEAWAYS. 2.4k+ users, come join the fun!
OtakuOnsen OtakuOnsen
A Discord community dedicated to anime & gaming! Weekly gaming and movie/anime events!
NSFW-Corner - Dating, Porn, ETC NSFW-Corner - Dating, Porn, ETC
We offer a wide variety of adult channels, as well as general-discussion channels for those of you interested in just meeting new friends!
Anime-Discuss Anime-Discuss
Anime-Discuss is a server where people talk mainly about anime, games and sometimes other topics
Internal Ace Internal Ace
A city full of weirdness and excitement, well known for paranormal and things called " Aces " that grant powers when you find them! Join today.
Hitler Rants Parodies Hitler Rants Parodies
This server is the official chatroom for the Hitler Rants Parodies YouTube channel.
GamesAndMemes GamesAndMemes
Games & Memes Discord Server, PUBG, Rust, Ark, Blackwake, Overwatch, Miscreated, H1Z1 and more
Minecraft Service Providers Minecraft Service Providers
This discord was created for one reason, To help current and future minecraft server owners, developers, youtubers, builders, expand, communicate and socialize
Minecraft Simple Gaming Minecraft Simple Gaming
Official MCSG Network Discord Creative, Factions, Kingdoms, Prison, MiniGames, SkyBlock, SkyGrid, Survival, Vanilla
@channel @channel
A Steins;Gate based community that discusses a wide variety of anime, manga, games, art and general chit-chat. Fun weekly events. (karaoke, movie night, etc.)
ATTICUS Gaming Community ATTICUS Gaming Community
If you are looking for an active Discord gaming community with unique features that is well moderated, you are at the right place.
Immortal Immortal
We're a social discord based around anime, gaming, music, and much more.
Shaylo Family Shaylo Family
Founded by Shay Legacy. A public server for Music Producers, Youtaites, Artists, or anyone who wants to learn about music.
The Followers of Kokoro The Followers of Kokoro
Touhou, Anime, just a place to relax and meet more people.
Bacon Clubhouse Bacon Clubhouse
Bacon Clubhouse is a gaming community for small youtubers trying to become big. We play a variety of games and allow people to advertise if they upload frequent
zeitgeist zeitgeist
A NEW artist discord! Beginner to Expert, Every genre of art under the sun is welcome here. We are a close-knit group of artist that love to share our passion f
games, tech and other stuff
PornCord PornCord
WARNING : [18+] TOTALLY NSFW SERVER!!! NSFW Forum - NSFW Questions & Answers, Discussions, Porn Videos, Sex Stories, Memes ...and many more.
Beautiful Pokemon Beautiful Pokemon
Welcome to Beautiful Pokemon! This is a peaceful community of pokemon lovers. Server has roleplay and NSFW content. =]
Fucking Joke Mate Fucking Joke Mate
Error 404 : No need description to join this awesome server (yes I know I'm bad at promoting).
/GTAdropsV/ /GTAdropsV/
This is a Discord server that makes you rich in GTA V! You can win a jackpot that goes all the way up to 90 million GTA V cash! for free!!!
A server for all your NSFW needs
McFish Club McFish Club
Casual and small server w/ people who enjoy games, music, shitposting and more. Don't join to leave -- it gets quiet sometimes.
KitsuneWynter KitsuneWynter
Kitsune Wynter's (Cosplayer, Twich Streamer)server. A welcoming place for Anime, Cosplay, Idol, Video Game (and much more) lover!
The Fun Zone The Fun Zone
A 16+ community that talks about BDSM, gaming,art, and more. Come hang out with us!
DiscordTel Headquarters DiscordTel Headquarters
The MOST realistic telephone roleplay bot on Discord.
Café 0131+ Café 0131+
This is a café that welcomes Discord newbies! We host WEEKLY MINIGAMES (EVERY WEEK!!!), have a Minecraft server, and talk about everything!
Twitch stream advertising Twitch stream advertising
Join us and start advertising your channels/social media! Help each other grow and get out there!
The Chill™ | Games And Fun! The Chill™ | Games And Fun!
Just a chill server. We accept any type of person here. Jump into the rabbit hole!
Awooo Awooo
Welcome to Awooo! This is a small server but we're all very friendly! We've got a focus on cute wolf girls, but do join just to make some pals anyway!
Phoenix E5ports Phoenix E5ports
A friendly and young ESports group with fully set up social media pages and a YT account. There is no cursing allowed on this server
Tranquil Dreams Tranquil Dreams
We got unicorns in the server, what other reason would you need too join? :D
Uncensored Politics Uncensored Politics
UP is the largest political Discord containing people with many different political perspectives. We don't discriminate. Everyone is welcome!
CreatorsCollective CreatorsCollective
The Collective gives Content Creators & Livestreamers the opportunity to join a group of people who want to work alongside in a community of gamers and creators