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Platinum Servers (AKA Awesome Servers)
House of Misfits House of Misfits
Mental health support server standing by to say hi to you. Really welcoming to new members. Click here to start lurking.
The Training Room The Training Room
A BDSM and hangout server, 16+. All NSFW content has its own separate 18+ space Come join a like minded community where you can be yourself judgement free!
Dirty Talk (NSFW) Dirty Talk (NSFW)
Dirty Talk, a multipurpose community, over 25.000 members!. Active chat 24/7 where you can meet others and be lewd!
Nunchi Nunchi
A small active server, with the focus of keeping a small and healthy community! Been running solid for a year. Can't wait to meet you!
The Venting Forest The Venting Forest
A peaceful and friendly server where anyone can join and chat about their problems.
Matcha Matcha
Friendly café server dedicated to customers looking for pleasant, meaningful conversations. Over 3,300 members.
ʟᴇᴡᴅɪᴄᴀ (18+) ʟᴇᴡᴅɪᴄᴀ (18+)
Well-built and very NSFW adult community. The theme is petplay, but we focus on ALL things lewd.
h a r m o n  y h a r m o n y
All Things Anime [ATA] All Things Anime [ATA]
ATA brings together Anime & Japanese Culture Enthusiasts to Inspire a new generation of anime fans to be themselves and think creatively. Events & Giveaways!
Infinitecoin Infinitecoin
New and old IFC supporters working together to make Infinitecoin an accessible and dominant cryptocurrency once again.
❖ Calliopean Club ❖ ❖ Calliopean Club ❖
The Calliopean Club is a renowned intellectual society, dedicated to inquiry, QUALITY discourse and civil debate on politics, science, history & philosophy.
Realist Realist
A new server, over 2000+ members. Active chat for gamer girls/boys. Multipurpose community, meet others. Join and meet others!
sanctum. sanctum.
sanctum. is a new chilled out server for those who want to meet new friends! meet people to game with, share memes, artwork or even just listen to music with!
Speakeasy (18+) Speakeasy (18+)
We are an 18+ only server with 500+ verified users dedicated to providing a space for adults to relax and be adults!
The Lewd Souls The Lewd Souls
16+ server that offers many things including but not limited to - Free giveaways, premium high quality giveaways, weekly anime streams & more
FiveLifeRP FiveLifeRP
If you like roleplay join here!
Frozen Box Comics Frozen Box Comics
A live streamer's community is who makes the streamers stream live! Be part of the streams! Chat, converse, hang out!
ChitChat ChitChat
Where general chitchat and making new friends are encouraged.
Wojak's Den Wojak's Den
Welcome to Wojak's Den. A comfy place for boomers of all ages to get their BOOM on, post memes, & more!
troll_mojies troll_mojies
Just a server with different emojis, nothing else.
Cannabis Emojis Cannabis Emojis
Just a server for nitro users, who wants cannabis related emojis. Lol
Enclosure Enclosure
Enclosure is a chill server where you can connect with friends, look at memes, talk with other people and make new friends!
World Gaming Club World Gaming Club
Join us here and have fun with us
HOT! (Hang Out Together!) HOT! (Hang Out Together!)
Welcome to HOT! Hang Out Together! A place for EVERYONE! Be nice and happy! Positivity is a good thing!
The Game Center The Game Center
A place to game, and meet new people. You assign yourself the roles you want. We have 700+ members, with no annoying @everyone, and notify you of free games!
Islamic Thought Islamic Thought
500+ members. Mature islamic related discussions where muslims can interact with each other and non-muslims learn about islam.
The Resistance Squad The Resistance Squad
A server for Furries, Weeaboos, Gamers, Scrubs, Emos, Normies, and others to socialize. We have friendly staff team, tons of channels, and much more!
#VeriooxArmy #VeriooxArmy
Dies hier ist der Discord der VeriooxArmy! Hier kannst du dich mit Freunden zum Zocken verabreden oder neue Freunde kennen lernen:D
Flat Earth Official Flat Earth Official
Flat Earth Official, the one and only Official Flat Earth Discord! Everyone is welcome here regardless of your personal beliefs or background.
Planeptune Hyperdimension Planeptune Hyperdimension
This is a Neptunia themed server that I'm planning to create a good community for people to enjoy themselves in.
OwO What's This? OwO What's This?
Anime global emote server.
Lounge JoJo Lounge JoJo
☮ Lounge JoJo ♡ A server dedicated to JoJo worship but is open for all discussions. - Fun bots - Lots of emotes - Great and chill members
HardGamers HardGamers
Fluff n Stuff Fluff n Stuff
We have bots, cool and friendly people, games, voice chat, memes, NSFW, and friendly moderators!
The Dragon Keep The Dragon Keep
The Dragon Keep is a furry server that's friendly and has a welcoming community. Stop by and give us a look if you want a place to hang out!
OP is Team Cap OP is Team Cap
Always welcoming consistently active and engaged MCU roleplayers, including Antagonists/villains, and OCs! More details inside
Yeet's Fridge Yeet's Fridge
We are a server intended for all kinds of people to chill in. From geeks to weebs, you name it, we welcome everyone and anyone.
Wave Wave
A friendly community for people to relax in and meet other wonderful folks! Jump in and talk about games, music, or whatever you feel like. All are welcome!
The Last Server The Last Server
Like games like Team Fortress 2, Minecraft and more? Come join us on The Last Server you'll ever need.
Spacecord Spacecord
Spacecord is a Discord server dedicated to everything that has to do with space.
FapBuddies FapBuddies
Your hub for all things NSFW! | A non-toxic community of people who share porn/hentai and chat. | WIDE variety of porn and a 3K+ active community.