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The Squad The Squad
New community very laid back. Active staff, movie night and giveaways! Come hang out, make friends and play some games.
Relaxed Universe Relaxed Universe
RELAXED UNIVERSE is a new, toxicity-free, space themed chill server that is made for people to hangout, make friends, and have a good time. Everyone is welcome.
æquilibrium æquilibrium
Typology community (MBTI, Enneagram, Socionics) ▪ Self-Assigned Roles ▪ Welcoming & Casual ▪ Custom bot commands for detailed type info ▪ Games & more! *:・゚✧
Online Matchmaking Online Matchmaking
Anime/Gaming/Dating server to hang out! Lots of anime fans to talk, lots of skilled gamers to carry, lots of stunning selfies to flirt! ❤ Matchmaking Now ❤
e-dgy e-dgy
Toxic cyberpunk server. No moderation. Memes, misfits -- and the hottest, e-dgiest e-girls. Over 38,000 losers. 3:1 female/male ratio (purged male orbiters).
RAW Gaming RAW Gaming
Welcome to the RAW Gaming Community! We are a fast growing, multi-gaming community that is friendly and social. All are welcome! 1400+ awesome members.
[The Cult] [The Cult]
Tight-knit community with laid back atmosphere and shitposting! | 18+ | Active chat & VC | Events | Cam nights | Special interests (tech, anime, food, etc.)
Uzzy's Uzzy's
♢ YOUR BRAND NEW HOME ♢ Currently looking for mature 18+ people ♢ Friendly Staff and community ♢ Events every two weeks ♢ Nitro Giveaways ♢ Active VCs ♢
Waifu Worshipping - 18+ Waifu Worshipping - 18+
18 + | 12,000+ Members | A Lewd, Loving, Hentai Based Community~ | Multiple weekly & seasonal events, levels, over 30 NSFW & SFW image channels, & lots more!
Woke (Oldschool Runescape) Woke (Oldschool Runescape)
The Largest Oldschool Runescape Discord With A Highly Active Voice Chat. We Play League Also. Join If You Are New, A Veteran, Or Looking For People To Pvm With.
l o v ɘ l y ♡ l o v ɘ l y ♡
isn’t it l o v e l y?
Cutie's World! Cutie's World!
Welcome to Cutie's World! Meet some new people make some new friends and have a great time! We are looking for new active members of any kind.
♠Kimochi Connect♠ ♠Kimochi Connect♠
Ohayo! We are a new community for gamers, anime lovers and artists. Dedicated to meeting others & making friendos! exp/levels/music/roles & more ^-^
EU Fortnite EU Fortnite
Join the biggest Fortnite Community in Europe.
NGNL - Anime and Gaming NGNL - Anime and Gaming
Fate GO bot game, and osu private server! Also role unboxing, gacha card game, automated anime simulcasts, weekly game challenges, questing. 40,000+ members.
Sexy Surprises Sexy Surprises
A friendly and lively NSFW server with a rapid growing community for furs and bronies alike! We accept any fandom and host events and public RPs for everyone!
Ivory Tower Ivory Tower
Do you love fantasy? Do you love hanging out and getting to know people from all walks of life? Then Ivory Tower is the place for you! Join us!
A server primarily for Arsenal FC fans, but accepting of all as long as you're friendly!
Kamelia Petit Digital Library Kamelia Petit Digital Library
A professional help and networking server for media professionals, students and hobbyists. Graphic design, IT, audiovisual, programming, art, redaction & more!
cuties cuties
join us and make some friends!( o˘◡˘o)
Lesbian Discourse Lesbian Discourse
A small community for lesbians, bisexual, or curious women alike to congregate and make friends!
Dutch College League Dutch College League
Dutch College League is een League of Legends studentencompetitie / community voor studenten van universiteiten, hogescholen en MBO’s uit Nederland.
Weeb Centre Weeb Centre
Gold Pleasure Group Gold Pleasure Group
Gold Pleasure Group is a NSFW server, mostly dedicated to Hentai, but with 3D nsfw channels as well. We host a wide variety of categories and provide fresh cont
Harmony Harmony
A server mainly based around anime/manga and gaming for people who want to make new friends and talk about what they like with others
Pro všechny CZ/SK hráče! :)
Gaydayz Gaydayz
Once the biggest LGBTQ on Discord, we're rebuilding to ensure the community continues to thrive in the vision it was created in. 16+
Furry Bastion Furry Bastion
Ello there! Welcome to the Furry Bastion! This is a relatively new furry server meant for those in the fandom both new and old. We got plenty to offer all of ye
The Programmer's Hangout The Programmer's Hangout
A programming discord for people of all skill levels. Wrote 10 lines of code? Been writing code for 10 years? You're welcome here!
Angel's Den (+18) Angel's Den (+18)
Chill laid back server, common interest are gaming, and computers. We're in Development.
La taverne des 4 hiboux La taverne des 4 hiboux
Communauté multi-activités depuis Mars 2017. Nous nous sommes là pour faire connaissance, discuter, jouer,...
Atlas Polska Clan guildia Atlas Polska Clan guildia
fejm gaming,music,poland,polish,serwer,pc gaming,music,poland,polish,serwer,pc Atlas Polska Clan guildia społeczność
Socialize Socialize
♕ Socialize ♕ A rapidly growing hangout discord with over 10,000 members! ☆ Active Voice Calls ☆ Text Chats ☆ Giveaways ☆ Fun Bots ☆ Events! ☆
The Nerd Herd The Nerd Herd
Growing group of positive gamers and streamers geeking our way through the Twitchverse. The best place to meet and make new friends!
DClickGT DClickGT
Sunucumuza hoş geldiniz :) DClick kanalına abone olmayı unutmayınız
Techoverts is the platform which will help you to become a technophile.
Furry Outlaws Furry Outlaws
We are a social server that allows for finding mates, roleplaying, and sharing of art both SFW and NSFW. We have a very active community! Come join us!
Lewd Roleplay Hotel Lewd Roleplay Hotel
Come join us at the Lewd Roleplay Hotel!
Aftercare - BDSM ERP DDLG Aftercare - BDSM ERP DDLG
18+ kink and dating server. BDSM, ERP, DDLG, Hentai, Porn Bots, Slave Market, Sell Nudes, Find a Sub, Find a Master, 100 custom emotes.
G-Roleplay G-Roleplay
jpoplewd jpoplewd
(18+) The lewdest JPOP Discord server on the internet. Come join, talk and lewd about your favourite jpop idol groups!