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Uncensored Politics Uncensored Politics
UP: the largest political Discord with many political perspectives. All are welcome.. Regular philosophy readings/discussions.
AnimeNation AnimeNation
A Discord community dedicated to anime & gaming. Weekly movie and anime events! Here, At AnimeNation we love to role play and talk about anime related things
#TeamPachi #TeamPachi
We're a casual gaming hangout group and we accept everybody! Go #TeamPachi! We're starting up a joint YT soon, and play OW+MC mainly. LGBTQ+ welcome! ~<3
Music Central Music Central
Music Central is a custom music and moderation bot made by me mostly
Light In Darkness Light In Darkness
Light in the darkness is a great community to come, and meet new people. We welcome all sorts of people from gamers, to artists, and keep our community safe.
OtakuOnsen OtakuOnsen
A Discord community dedicated to anime & gaming. Weekly movie and anime events! Over 4,000 members ~ Everyone is welcome!
Singles R'us (18+) Singles R'us (18+)
A place where all are welcome! Singles that are here and already mingling! We have a music bot, emotes, NSFW, etc. Everything you can ask for!
Game On! Game On!
Game On! is a server for everyone and anyone looking to talk about or play a variety of games all day, every day. Join for tournaments and a great experience!
Minecraft Minecraft
Join the largesst Minecraft Discord on the planet! Talk about anything and all things Minecraft!
Overwatch United Overwatch United
Overwatch United is a public Overwatch community Discord. We have three custom game channels, five quick play channels, and sixteen ranked channels.
The TriForce Domain The TriForce Domain
A socially fun and growing Zelda theme domain! Join your own faction if interested in gaming, anime-manga or other fun events like karaoke & contests w/ prizes!
Castle in the Sky Castle in the Sky
A fun and active server focused on creating a friendly community for lovers of anime and games! We have the cutest emotes. Join us and let's have fun!
Waifu Worshipping Waifu Worshipping
18 + | Celebrating 1 Year of Waifu Worshipping with loads of giveaways and new updates! Join up, be lewd, worship your waifus~
Dungeon Slimes Dungeon Slimes
A social Discord community. Our interests include slimes, Dungeons and Dragons, and more! A great place to just chill and chat. Help grow our community!
Tech Cabal Tech Cabal
Social Server dedicated to the love and discussion of all things computer, programming and the cloud.
ADemonicDiscord ADemonicDiscord
A Newly Public discord. Just chatting around, NSFW room(s), music, Wallpaper, gaming (Twitch and Youtube) and many more rooms to come as more members join. :D
Dream Waifu Team Dream Waifu Team
A small server of people from around the globe who enjoy making friends and participating in gaming, karaoke, movie watching, and other events! (18+ ONLY)
Non Toxic Non Toxic
Non toxic is where everyone is friendly and positive. The place where to get to meet new people, talk about anime, share memes, and a place of active gamers
FozGa FozGa
Hi I'm Woob I'm the Owner of the FozGa discord server. This server is meant for gaming, furrys, and also humans. Theres music Yay! Join Today!
Server destinado para Gamers e Otakus de todo o Brasil. Entrem e sejam bem vindos!!!
FFA Battles FFA Battles
This server is for Free - for - all's or FFA's, whether it be Sm4sh or Pokemon, Just hoop in and spark an exciting battle!
Alter Akiba - Anime/Gaming Alter Akiba - Anime/Gaming
Join us on talks about video games, anime, music, art and more! We have Music Bots and weekly events. Don't miss out!
SaltyHD SaltyHD
League of Legends channel where we chill and queue up some games
BotLegacy BotLegacy
A group of people who are just here to have fun and chat. looking to see a lot of cool stuff. just hop on over lol >'v'< hope to see you there.
Creeperz Creeperz
Creeperz is a casual friendly Discord server. It's relatively small at the moment, but are looking for people. We offer memes, an NSFW channel, music, and more!
Linux Linux
A place to talk about..well, Linux! Come and chat with fellow linux users about your favorite distro, and get tech support from experts.
Anime in 0rbit Anime in 0rbit
Anime in 0rbit is based on the original group AIE from the recently shut down candid app.By joining you will get the finest anime lewds for your pleasure.
Just Game! Just Game!
we play games
The Abyss The Abyss
Want to find new friends to play games with? Look no further. We are an active, relaxed community who love Dark Souls & soulslike games. 100+ members
Kookie Klub Kookie Klub
The Kookie Klub is a fun sever dedicated to BTS' maknae, Jungkook! It's full of friendly people and staff that will be there to make your time here great!
my faceu my faceu
A BTS server with a great community..! And yes, this server's name is my faceu. It's a pretty lit BTS server tbh. We have 250+ members yeet. Join ♡
Barrett .50 Barrett .50
We are a nice group of people who like many things a short list of them is music, gaming, and anime. We hope to see you like our small community of people.
Kobayashi Kobayashi
Do you like Kobayashi-San Chi no Maid Dragon anime? Do you like maid-dragons? Choose us, a growing Kobayashi server, and emotes for you to use!
AMV/MAD Creators Discord AMV/MAD Creators Discord
A discord server for AMV and MAD editors! Be civil and have fun!
OverKill OverKill
Gaming server for any type of gamer. Fun/friendly server with ranks
Code Geass Server Code Geass Server
This server is for discussing Code Geass. Join for Lelouch of the Resurrection hype! Currently 800+ members!
Shoney's Coffee Shoney's Coffee
Just a chill server. Game talk, RP, Tech talk, anything really.
Sacred Shadow Sacred Shadow
A Discord server where you can hang out with people! You can pretty much talk about anything. Anime, games, etc!
Phillplayz_ Fan Discord Channel Phillplayz_ Fan Discord Channel
We're a friendly mature community server for gaming-related discussion, politics, etc. We also host game servers such as minecraft, etc.
Generic Twice Server Generic Twice Server
We like Twice. And everything else. Come and join us ! We are a small group but we hope to grow. We also like to play games and talk about Anime and Mangas ! :)
Pizza Server Pizza Server
Come here to talk about, and order virtual pizza and other random stuff!
GTA 5 Amupx menu GTA 5 Amupx menu
Game exploits for CS:GO and Grand Theft Auto 5 Online. Expanding while you are reading...
Anti-Normies Discord Anti-Normies Discord
Memeing, Gaming and raiding
Munchkinism Munchkinism
Join and form the best fastest growing gaming community. All sorts of games with Streamers and YouTubers. Lvl up and play with friends! Shout yourself out!