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Quantum Labs Quantum Labs
Official Discord Partner! We are a relaxed, tight-knit community. Now with 50 global emotes! (Nitro not required) 10,000 Members.
Coffee or Tea? Coffee or Tea?
The comfiest of discord servers. We have a weekly podcast and karaoke! Come spend your morning with us, and make new friends. :)
That One Server That One Server
We are a gaming/social community created to try to bring people together to find new gaming partners and friends!
Cutler Island Cutler Island
Cutler Island is a fantasy role-playing server, inspired by the Golden Age of Piracy. Active, paragraph based, third person. | 16+
The Lounge The Lounge
A community based server centered around providing a fun and relaxed environment for its users. We offer custom bots, events, giveaways, global emotes and more!
The Club The Club
Welcome to The Club! A group of likeminded, fantastic people. Gaming, music, Discord events, memery and good times to be had in this fun community.
Code Monkeys Code Monkeys
A friendly community with over 1200 members for programmers and enthusiasts to converse. Learning, teaching, and such is welcome and encouraged!
Subarashii Dere Subarashii Dere
New growing small and friendly anime community welcoming you~ 1000+ members~ Cute dere theme with yandere, kuudere and tsundere bots~
Waifu Worshipping Waifu Worshipping
18 + | 3500+ Members | A social anime/gaming server focused on creating a safe environment to make friends, with a side of lewd as well~
Community of Crypto-Inverstors. Community of Crypto-Inverstors.
We came together to filter out tons of information and to have a true picture of ​​the present and future trends in the world of cryptocurrencies.
Ex Cathedra Ex Cathedra
☩ For the defense and proliferation of traditionalist metaphysics, theology and philosophy. ☩
Immortal Immortal
We're a social discord based around anime, gaming, music, and much more.
Politics, HBD, Economics, Philosophy, Anime, Manga, Games... We have a lively and engaging community...
The Programmer's Hangout The Programmer's Hangout
A programming discord for people of all skill levels. Wrote 10 lines of code? Been writing code for 10 years? You're welcome here!
Ankle Papa Squad Ankle Papa Squad
An active community, Join a server with over 100 members!. We have a dozen catagory and channels.
Shrimpson Boys Community Server Shrimpson Boys Community Server
Discuss anything joji, idubbbz, max, name jeff. Get announcements when new videos come out. Open since June 2016.
Ghost Town Ghost Town
A fairly new server for shitposting and socializing, if you enjoy gaming and anime this place is certainly for you.
AnimeLegends™ AnimeLegends™
Roleplay And Anime! +Nsfw Channels, games and More! The Best Combinations. Made By My Girl Eve
The Neko Cafe - Anime & Gaming The Neko Cafe - Anime & Gaming
TNC is a active,friendly & loving community full of gamers & anime lovers a like with weekly & monthly events. come check us out!! we welcome everyone :3
Queen's Kingdom Queen's Kingdom
Welcome to the Queen's Kingdom traveler. Whether you are here just to pass by or seek residence, we would gladly have you in our kingdom.
Luscious Sweeties Luscious Sweeties
Luscious Sweeties is a civil, happy, friendly & perverted community where you can meet new friends, share porn and enjoy your time!
Neykai Neykai
A friendly community with over 100 members! Come make friends with us & help build our wonderful community together!
Play_Z Play_Z
Have Fun
The Real Naked Bean The Real Naked Bean
Do you want porn, hentai, nudes, dank memes and communist jokes all in one place? If so, The Real Naked Bean is the server for you! We have bananas, too.
The Neighborhood The Neighborhood
An active Discord Guild for people who are looking for friends and nice conversations without any of that stupid shitposting or trolling +1000 members :)
kpoprism kpoprism
A new kpop server where you can come and discuss about kpop and chill.
Neko's & Chill Neko's & Chill
Welcome to Neko's & Chill! An amazing community focused towards anything in your interest! From anime to gaming, to whatever you like! Join us in our events!~ ♥
Skull Island (Macro Furry) Skull Island (Macro Furry)
Hello! This server welcomes furs and nonfurs of all shapes and sizes: Plausible to macro/micro. Come hang and chat or have an indeep RP. (NSFW +18)
♕ Dukes ♕ ♕ Dukes ♕
We play every game possible and enjoy chatting/discussing with each other on a daily basis! We also have free steam keys. Everyone is welcome.
DDO Discord Server DDO Discord Server
A community server for Dungeons and Dragons Online. Server specific channels with a guild recruitment channel, crafting channels, and dedicated voice chat!
Now Live! Now Live!
Now Live is a discord Bot that announces streams from Twitch, Mixer, Smashcast, YouTube Gaming, and Picarto.
Hypixel Community (Unofficial Hypixel Community (Unofficial
A Server for Members of the Hypixel Community! Hypixel based text channels, voice channels, roles, REAL Hypixel Staff and many more unique features!
Infinity Art Infinity Art
Calling all artists! We provide a range of art genres just for you, we have a marketplace where you can sell or buy art... Join Infinity Art! (Very Active)
Russian community Russian community
Уютный сервер, для уютного общения, совместных игр и прослушивания музыки.
MundoGamer'BR MundoGamer'BR
Servidor brasileiro para socializar, trocar ideias, jogar, falar sobre animes e muito mais!! Campeonato com transmissoes ao vivo de diversos jogos!!
Hyrule Hyrule
Liking The Legend of Zelda? Enjoying RPGs or just gaming in general? This is the server for you! We've got a unique RPG-like set up just for you!
LinuxGameConsortium LinuxGameConsortium
Official Discord community of LinuxGameConsortium the source for Linux games. Covering Linux gaming news, community support and more.
Safe Place Safe Place
Work in Progress.
@Standoff 2 Community @Standoff 2 Community
Geekers Geekers
Un serveur ou l'on parle de jeux video, de graphisme, dessin, manga anime et du Japonais. pour tout le monde, tous les niveaux !
The Asian Diaspora The Asian Diaspora
A mature and respectful room for people of Asian descent, where no matter what we speak of, there is an implicit, unspoken understanding of so much amongst us.
Something Wicked Something Wicked
Lewd and Anime centered server! Hentai, ASMR, Gaming! 18+ only!
Queer Cave Gaming Queer Cave Gaming
QueerCave is an international multi-platform LGBTQ+ gaming community, and we're inviting people from all backgrounds to come join our community!
FurRealm! FurRealm!
A small furry community where furs around the world can get together and communicate with others. Roleplay/NSFW is allowed in appropriate channels.
No doubt the best gta 5 money drop Discord server. We host money drops very frequently. Come join us chill out with many nice members and staff :)
The Giant's Den The Giant's Den
A size chat with a focus on male GT content, we have an established RP that focuses on how tinies, humans and giants would all interact in a world together.