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Midnight Beach Midnight Beach
Come on down for sand castles, drinks, and a good time! We're a cozy little server for having a good time and making friends! First drink is on us!
The Programmer's Hangout The Programmer's Hangout
A programming discord for people of all skill levels. Wrote 10 lines of code? Been writing code for 10 years? You're welcome here!
Allegiant Trading Allegiant Trading
Group of professional crypto and stock analysts and traders. Includes watchlist, scanners, alerts, live news and more
Immortal Immortal
We're a social discord based around anime, gaming, music, and much more.
Fall 2017 Anime!♡ Fall 2017 Anime!♡
A Server About Everything Anime! 900+ Members! Tons of Giveaways! Specifically, seasonal (currently Fall 2017) anime. Fun and active community.
The Right Server The Right Server
TRS is a primarily right-leaning political server. Debates, political discussion, memes, shitposting. Join now! 3400+ [Official Centipede Central Replacement]
Upper Infinity Upper Infinity
A bunch of celestial fathers injecting various substances into their body to achieve immortality and manipulation of quantum forces.
Comic Fridge Comic Fridge
A community of Artists, Writers, WebComic Creators, and Enthusiasts. We aim to provide a platform for Creators to make Money from Monetization.
Apollo Cafe Apollo Cafe
A small Anime Cafe themed discord server where people can talk about anime, gaming, art, and other social things.
Dungeon Slimes Dungeon Slimes
A super friendly, slime-themed social discord server with interests in Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, and other games of all sorts.
Laughable Antagonists Laughable Antagonists
16+! We're a casual multigaming clan. We get pretty loose sometimes so it's best if you leave your dignity at the door. Frequent events + giveaways.
Coffee or Tea? Coffee or Tea?
The comfiest of discord servers. We talk about anime, video games, and the nuclear apocalypse. Come tell us about your day, and make new friends. :)
FascinAZN FascinAZN
A friendly new server dedicated to all things Asian! 400+ Users! Anime & Manga | Gaming | Music | MEMES | Events & Streams | Giveaways | NSFW | + MORE
Mirai Des Mirai Des
Animu and gaming server where people can talk about anything and basically just chill, come hang out with us! (unless you're not a weeb)
Spires of Agartha Spires of Agartha
Spires of Agartha is a fantasy MMORPG designed for writers. An ever-changing world that your character influences through roleplaying.
Niche Social Club Niche Social Club
The Niche Social Club, a social club for [Insert Niche Here]. A friendly general social community. Enjoy Games? Movies? Books? Food? Lets discuss it together
Full Moon Full Moon
As the Full Moon passes by the wolves need to build a hideout to stay for the night... If you want to chill here, you can the wolves won't eat you. I think...
The Treehouse Of Generations The Treehouse Of Generations
An ordinary hangout/hideout server for Discord. Gotta love it.
The Neighborhood The Neighborhood
We are an active discord server with a goal of making friends with people from all over the world. No trolling, no shitposting, no toxicity just a friendly talk
PUBG Europe PUBG Europe
This is a server for the game Playerunkown's Battleground (PUBG). Here you can play with other people. 1000+ Members! Not affiliated with Bluehole, Inc.
Social media promotion server Social media promotion server
Created By:Soldier-boy03,Based around helping others to grow their Social media
Soldier-boy03 Gaming server Soldier-boy03 Gaming server
Feel free to join Official Discord server of Soldier-boy03 come stop by and chat with me and other Viewers
Pokemon Centre Pokemon Centre
Pokemon and anime fans welcomed here! We trade and discuss all things Pokemon! We also have discussion about other games and animes! Come join us and say hi!
VG Club VG Club
Vainglory community! Members are friendly and welcoming! We give tips and tricks! Promotions and giveaways are coming your way too! Join now!
Post Your Selfie Post Your Selfie
Join and post your selfie. Positive and friendly server ! Help us grow and become a nice community. Self-assignable roles.
Tiltott Rengeteg Tiltott Rengeteg
Magyar discord szerver, általános témákkal foglalkozva. Játékok, filmek, sorozatok, hírek, mindenről van lehetőség diskurálni.
18+ The biggest Cannabis/Weed server on Discord! Also home of the Chronic CAST Livestream!
TacticalGaming TacticalGaming
We are a fun gaming-anime, gun-enthusiast community.If you would like to be in the same server with like-minded people then this is the server for you.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 TeknoMW3
Gaming Galaxy Gaming Galaxy
A new, fresh and friendly cave for all gamers! A pleasant and welcoming community. Enjoy gaming channels, otaku channels, fun bots and more!
New Gamerz4Life New Gamerz4Life
This used to be a fairly active gaming and anime server, due to decline, we're now remaking it, hope you meet new friends, and help me revive!
DreamWorld DreamWorld
Ein deutscher Rollenspiel-Server auf dem ihr RP in einem mittelalterlichen oder modernen oder sogar auch in einem Crossover-Setting bespielen könnt!
LykingsProTV LykingsProTV
The Most Intense Pro Gaming Channel that Changes Lives! Also I livestream on youtube for high quality entertainment.
Overwatch and Stuff Overwatch and Stuff
A new Overwatch server that focuses on a chill atmosphere to enjoy the game with others and discuss other social topics like music and art.
Sir_Discord Sir_Discord
Mutachange ERP Mutachange ERP
As the rest of world ended, The Community stayed strong. Whole. We endured, and thrive now. Do you wish to join us? All adults are welcome here.
Literature Literature
this server is dedicated to literature. here we will discuss plays, authors, novels and new books
PhotographyGeeks PhotographyGeeks
chat we fellow photographers, participate in weekly challenge and learn new things .
Upfront Upfront
We talk about random shit, join, don't join, whatever, but we will interrogate you! 'Gaming allowed. anime okay. sleeping with waifupillow .....go away..' -Kash
OurServer OurServer
This server is a communist community server where you can come and chill and be a little 12 year old meme lord and support your local community <3
ForosNetwork ForosNetwork
Includes A Fun Place Just To Talk, A Private Music Channel & More! It's a Huge Community That Has Been Formed From Our Server! (In-Game)
Renegades Renegades
A chill server full of good people where you can post memes, listen to music, talk about gaming and have fun. Come join our crazy family :)
Kink Cave Kink Cave
Kink Cave is an 16+ fun community that has BDSM, gaming, memes, discussions, and so much more. A friendly environment is important to us, so just give it a try.
loli dragon loli dragon
Heyo, our server focuses mainly on anime and gaming, we also got some people into rp if you like that :3 Main games are; League of Legends and Overwatch.
-Off Topic- -Off Topic-
We don't really have any main topic in the server...Games, Music, and Anime, We are currently in softlaunch. ( Update: We have emojis now c: )