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Paradise Paradise
With over 5,000 members, Paradise is a community for all kinds of people who want somewhere to chill and be themselves. [Daily Events] [Active Members]
That One Server That One Server
We are a gaming/social community created to try to bring people together to find new gaming partners and friends!
The Phantom Thieves The Phantom Thieves
A group of rebels who know how to shitpost, be open with each other and have a good time. Grab your roles/color and let's go! You've never seen it comin'!
Chill Hangout Chill Hangout
A fun and active community that focuses on socializing. The server has all kinds of awesome features and is growing fast. Currently has 2.6k+ members.
Marceland Marceland
Our Land is to be a free place ,so you could have fun, peace, enjoy talk,Anime,Games,Music. We are Here Come Home...
Speakeasy (18+) Speakeasy (18+)
We are an 18+ only server dedicated to providing a space for adults to relax and find other adults that share similar interests!
The Sloth Hangout The Sloth Hangout
Our server is a kind and welcoming community for gamers, musicians, nerds, or anyone at all. We are supportive and just a chill, laid back server! Come join!
wonderland wonderland
Official Discord Partner! Community who enjoy playing video games, hanging out and sharing media. Age requirement is 18+!
Team Space Dicks Team Space Dicks
A bunch of celestial fathers injecting various substances into their body to achieve immortality and manipulation of quantum forces.
royale royale
Active social hangout community over 2.9k members ― the leading uncluttered server & simplicity usage for our users to interact and meet new people!
Kawaii!-Universe Kawaii!-Universe
Anime, Manga, Nightcore etc. | A growing community with the same interests. | Tatsumaki, own queueable music, Radio | Ranks | Kind members with an open heart!
e-Chat Lounge e-Chat Lounge
Active community of over 6,100 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts, 100 blob emoji — and a custom bot!
this could be forever, baby
Veritex Studios Veritex Studios
This server is for the Steam game "Veritex" it is a free multiplayer survival game. Game Development, UE4, Unity3D. Unreal Engine 4.
The Furry Porn Fortress! The Furry Porn Fortress!
Hail companion! Do you seek refuge from the shit-ton of awful furry servers? Come to the now 1000+ strong fortress!
The Phantom Thieves The Phantom Thieves
A group of rebels who know how to shitpost, be open with each other and have a good time. Grab your roles/color and let's go! You've never seen it comin'!
Atelier Verny & Pande Atelier Verny & Pande
Visit our friendly Atelier ✦ 18+ Anime/Gaming/Etc Discussion ✦ Home-brewed Emotes ✦ Alchemy Bot ✦ Nitro Giveaways
New Friends New Friends
Do you need friends? Well, New Friends is a Discord community where you can meet new friends! We offer several different chat rooms and memes! Join Today!
Hypixel Community Unofficial Hypixel Community Unofficial
Hypixel Community Discord (Unofficial)! Anyone is welcome, whether you play Hypixel or not! Mainly Hypixel/Minecraft based server. Tons of fun features for all!
Trash Nest Trash Nest
A somewhat new general server with friendly people, fun times, and a lot of chaos. Anyone is welcome to join our little community; we've worked hard on it.
Celestial Celestial
A small and friendly social server that is relatively new. We have a large variery of interests, and anyone is welcome to join and chat with us! [click info]
Dark Army Dark Army
Hello, we are very active in (FPS) games but we are very well rounded: we are looking for a non toxic community, our goal is to reach 300 members by December!
∆ Câncer ∆ ∆ Câncer ∆
Servidor para todos os públicos,até os mais cancerígenos.Eventos de todos os tipos,de apostas as membros (Admins e mods também) a campeonato de LOL.
Make Anime Great Again Make Anime Great Again
Anime, and gaming for those who wish to make friends in a welcoming and growing community. Ease going and drama free.
Synetion Community Synetion Community
Synetion is a small community that talks about tech-related stuffs, gaming and more.
「日本語と英語を勉強しましょう!」 「日本語と英語を勉強しましょう!」
This is a server for Japanese-English language exchange and if you're serious about learning!
Ancient Beast Ancient Beast
The best turn based strategy indie game project, played against other people (or bots) in hotseat or online modes, featuring a wide variety of creatures.
Neverland Graph Neverland Graph
Serveur de graphiste français seulement
Hentai moutarde Hentai moutarde
Bonjour ceci est un petit serveur hentai francophone bien porté sur le sujet. We have an english channel for those who don't speak french ;) 4000+ members
Anime slaves! Anime slaves!
This is a Anime gaming and NSFW server looking to grow into a small and fun community 15+ is what is needed to join!! i hope you decide to join us Anime slaves
AstroRPG AstroRPG
A server for Astrology, Role Playing, Gaming, Anime, Movie Events, and Much More!
Jason Khanlar Jason Khanlar
Jason Khanlar - Website Developer, Coder, Programmer
cafe loco cafe loco
Legendary,3d Modeling,Animation,Anime,Crafting,Dancing,Drawings,Emoji,Literature,Mixer,Models,Paintings,Photography,Picarto,Stories,Twitch,Voice Acting,YouTube
United By Games United By Games
**!!! GET SEEN TODAY !!!** Are you a Game Dev? Do you do Let's Plays or Livestream? Want your project to get seen by a larger audience?
Fight A Base Fight A Base
~ FIGHTING GAMES ~ Looking for a fighting game community? We cover everything from arcades, emulators, home counsels, homebrew and even MUGEN! ~ PLAY NOW ~
XBR City Game Faucet XBR City Game Faucet
Play Games & Earn Money Everyday! This is a Economy Game supported by BitRewards(XBR) Income+Game+Casino+Giveaway+Bonus+Membership+Lots of Fun!
Blood and Beasts Blood and Beasts
A serious modern day roleplay server with an underworld of vampires, werewolves, and hunters as they roam the city of Harrisburg at night!
Loli Land Loli Land
If you love anime and games like us, come and join! We would prefer to keep it pg-13. No nsfw chat here, sorry to disappoint.
A public server for those who love games, animes and internet in general... Tons of channels + dedicated channels, ask for yours... Join & Stay
AGS Lohikäärme AGS Lohikäärme
Based on a planet-sized spaceship, this RP server has room for everybody, not just those interested in the scifi side of it!
Royale Royale
Welcome to Royale! This is a competitive community for Realm Royale and Fortnite players!
The Friend Zone The Friend Zone
I know most people try to avoid The Friend Zone, but really, why not just hang out in it?
Pokemon Village Pokemon Village
A server where you can make friends and talk about everything Pokemon related. We also host tournaments and events monthly. 16+ years old only.
Politics & Theology Politics & Theology
From casual banter to serious discussion Politics and Theology is a hub for political and religious discussion for all political background and faiths.
Leafeons Glade Leafeons Glade
New and growing Pokecord server! Currently hosting a week-long giveaway with a chance to win a redeem every day.
Piffting Corner Piffting Corner
New server for games memes talking about games music or whatever