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PlayfullyAddicted PlayfullyAddicted
PlayfullyAddicted is a fun and friendly server. We have anime, memes, music, and lots of more fun stuff. We are looking for active members. Enjoy your stay!
Steamship Steamship
Fun and interactive place to find other gamers, if you're looking for like-minded gamers, you are in the right place. Welcome to the Steamship community!
Akashic Records Akashic Records
Anime server, feel free to join for a nice and welcoming community!
The Midnight Gamer Community The Midnight Gamer Community
The Midnight Gamer is a site for gamers by gamers. This is YOUR community. Growing every day! Looking for a player 2? Join us for gaming chat and dank memes.
Dungeon Slimes Dungeon Slimes
A social Discord community. Our interests include slimes, Dungeons and Dragons, and more! A great place to just chill and chat. Help grow our community!
Paradise Paradise
A place for any and every topic! NSFW friendly, frequent events, gaming, chatting, etc. Join for weird people and fun interactions.
Xplicit Xplicit
Daily Events! Active! Socialable! REALfriends&FAKEfriends! Fun! Thrilling! Chill! Gaming! Gossip! & More!!
The Virus Domain The Virus Domain
KARAOKE ACTIVE RN. An active and receptive domain! Join if you are interested in gaming or anime-manga. Choose your new Mafia themed faction ~Git Gud!
The Chill Hangout The Chill Hangout
Chilling community for all types including gamers and anime lovers. Along with music and memes, we have gaming/ movie nights and more events. Come chill.
The Midnight Afterparty The Midnight Afterparty
2K+ members, We are aiming to be the best hangout here! We host events/karaoke/movie night/tournaments(league), we do programming/Graphic Design aswell as memes
Otaku Outrage Otaku Outrage
A miraculous anime server filled with otakus and joyous members. We have many different discussions and warmly welcome each and every one of you!
/leftypol/ International /leftypol/ International
International left-wing community of communists, anarchists, socialists and leftist of all kinds. Community is based on free speech. No registration necessary.
We Love Anime We Love Anime
16.000+ members in 3 months and a Discord Partner! Join us today! ~ 25 Global emotes, weekly giveaways and an amazing anime/gaming community! <3
Wanna talk to other players on ? Join our Discord @ ! We'll host daily giveaways there soon!
Retrograde Retrograde
A Discord-partnered community focused on uniting a wide breadth of gamers, cultivating talent, and providing a fun place where people can connect.
Behemoth Kingdom (Furry) Behemoth Kingdom (Furry)
A general furry Discord server That welcomes everyone! come and chat with us!
Morph's Stuff Morph's Stuff
We are a series of currently 1 Server(With more planned), Vanilla Minecraft Survival. We strive to have as much fun as possible without the use of plugins
The Fox Lounge The Fox Lounge
The Fox Lounge is the NSFW Sister server of The Fox Den! We host topical furry NSFW channels for all sorts! We also have Roleplay channels.
Official Fox Den Official Fox Den
A general gaming/furry Discord server for anything that your heart desires!
The good life 24/7 The good life 24/7
This server was created in order to meet new people or just chill and chat whenever you are bored. 50+ members
Anti-Social Society Anti-Social Society
Super fun/friendly community looking to make friends. Our interests are mainly Anime(group watches), Games, Music and Art. No drama! Come hang out and have fun!
Stars Brasil Stars Brasil
Servidor sobre animes, games , filmes e muito mais... venha fazer novos amigos e fazer parte desse planeta
killSwitch® is a Gaming community. We exist for everyone to make new friends and for you to find people to hang out and Game. Get in:DD
Coffee or Tea? Coffee or Tea?
The comfiest of discord servers. We talk about anime, video games, and the nuclear apocalypse. Come tell us about your day, and make new friends. :)
L L A M A-|- G A N G L L A M A-|- G A N G
A shitpost server for all your gaming, anime, and memeing needs. A pretty chill staff and pretty chill members who rarely ever give a fuck or get offended.
Hack a Life Hack a Life
Hack a life is a community centered around hacking, coding, and other computer science related topics.
I love Justin Bieber I love Justin Bieber
Join if you want to find players to enjoy League together, NA only
太陽 (Sun) 太陽 (Sun)
Join a small, but active server. Any kind of talks, enjoyable voice calls and also gaming together. Make yourself at home.~
[TN] Dickla Squad [TN] Dickla Squad
Community, memes, gaming etc... From Tunisia
Stella's Army Stella's Army
Fun server with multiple emotes! We're about Super Smash Bros. Melee, Gaming, Anime, Music, Memes and more! Join today!
PlayfullyAddicted PlayfullyAddicted
PlayfullyAddicted is a fun and friendly server. We have anime, memes, music, and lots of more fun stuff. We are looking for active members. Enjoy your stay!
Avexiexploit cheats Avexiexploit cheats
Avexihook offer free and paid cheats that keep your safety at priority and the rest comes after, our cheats include Esp,aimbot,wallhax,spinbots,skin changer.
Pk Community Server Pk Community Server
★ Runescape 3 | Osu! | Overwatch | League | ★ A bunch of scum sharing memes, anime & laughs. All welcome to join.
Platypus on Acid Platypus on Acid
friendly community, you can chat and do stuff like make friends. pls join
Lewd Neko Haven Lewd Neko Haven
A Server For Both Lewd And NonLewd People! Casual Talking is Allowed All Neko And Neko Lovers Are Welcome Nya~ We Are A New Server And Hope We Can Grow Big!!!
If you like movies,talking about them and are part of the movie industry or aspires to be then join us at CINEMA!
G/MaTs(Games/Movies and TVshows) G/MaTs(Games/Movies and TVshows)
An ever growing healthy gaming community,where everyone is welcome...shared accounts,weekly games giveaways,g/mats games like slots and blackjack,and much more.
Japanties Japanties
A fun, friendly, mature community! For gamers & anime fans! Feel free to join us! Everybody is Welcome here ~ League Of Legends~ ~Overwatch~ & More~!
Daycare Daycare
Just a server to hang out in and chat with us. We got some funny people and would love for more people to come along in.
Gaming and Shitposting Gaming and Shitposting
Just a really chill, laid back server to find some players, shitpost, chat about games, and have some fun
Destiny 2 Destiny 2
Discord for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. In this discord you'll be able to assign your class and be able to access channels to find a group.
Omnic Forest Omnic Forest
All things Overwatch. Here, you may discuss about the game, look for people to group with, promote yourself, post spicy memes.
The Pandamonium The Pandamonium
A small server with a friendly community to talk, discuss many books, anime, watch movies, hang out and chill. Often do movie and game nights. We have pandas:')
Warframe PS4 Warframe PS4
This server is for all PS4 Tenno out there! Here you can recruit for missions, trade, join or grow your clan, and help each other become a stronger Tenno.
Graslu00's Server Graslu00's Server
Do you like GoldenEye, Bond and other N64 games? Come join the fun! Server for YouTube, announcements, GoldenEye: Source servers, N64 modding and more!
Seems Good Seems Good
Community based on gaming and wish to make foreign friends. Join us ;)