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Furry Artist Hub Furry Artist Hub
A group made for furries who appreciate or participate in creating art! All types of art!
Aincrad Aincrad
We have Gaming, Anime, NSFW and Lewd content! We run weekly events, have a fun bot economy where you can purchase roles, and more!
BattiestKnight BattiestKnight
A great place to meet people from all over the world, Good Laughs, friendly as well as Active chat groups. We have an age limit of 14 and up.
Hell Hell
Toxic cancer memes also sweet and fun loving people come join us in vc lovely people
The Midnight Afterparty The Midnight Afterparty
Server with awesome atmosphere, friendly, welcoming everyone, events, party nights, sponsored prizes, giveaways (nitro), 3K+ Members, Join us and Have fun!
Game On! Game On!
OFFICIAL PARTNERED DISCORD - One of the biggest & most active 16+ LGBT+ friendly gaming community. 5.5K users, come join the fun!
Platinum Platinum
OtakuOnsen OtakuOnsen
A lovely Discord community dedicated to anime & gaming. Weekly movie and anime events! 10,000 members ~ Music bots ~ Rankings ~ Giveaways ~ Everyone is welcome!
Toasty Toasty
This is a great place to hang out, Meet new people, And have a fun time. We also can give you a bit of therapy too! Give us a chance! 500+ Members
Project SHIVOM Project SHIVOM
We are building the largest genomic data-hub on the planet. We will make it possible for you to sell your DNA and keep the profit for yourself.
Madeon Madeon
A friendly community that enjoys Anime, playing video games & Twitch! Music/Gaming bots - Streams - Events - Tournaments - Leaderboard
The Salty Snep The Salty Snep
We're a no-bullshit 18+ only furry community without the mind-numbing drama, kids, or attention-seeking bullshit you've come to expect elsewhere.
Littlespace Online Littlespace Online
We are a friendly fast growing DDLG, MDLB, ABDL, CGL, BDSM community. If you are small, medium or big. Come join the fun and join in our monthly events!
National Institute of Firearms National Institute of Firearms
Encouraging dialog in pursuit of life and liberty for everyone.
The Chill Kingdom The Chill Kingdom
The Chill Kingdom is an active fun hang out place for you to meet new friends! Gaming! Anime! Chatting! Active Mods! Steam Giveaways! Over 1000+ Great Members!
Army Of People Army Of People
☬▐►9¹¹§†rîÏîҝє◄▌☬ ☬▐►9¹¹§†rîÏîҝє◄▌☬
Public Discord Montreal, Qc. CA
Outer Haven Outer Haven
pure chaos and cancer. no bans but may be subjected to mute based on an appeal system
//Queens_of_The_Galaxy// //Queens_of_The_Galaxy//
Rambling, venting and a large acceptance for art! We are all lighthearted people and we'd love to have you <3
Anime Home Anime Home
We have gaming, art, role-play and many more channels so where can talk about anything. We have a leveling system for all users. Have Fun! :)
Multiplatform Gaming Multiplatform Gaming
A community for gamer's and those alike! We play a variety of games and we do many neat activities like. Giveaways and tourneys are also a thing here!
AGS Lohikäärme AGS Lohikäärme
Based on a planet-sized spaceship, this RP server has room for everybody, not just those interested in the scifi side of it!
Relax & Chilled Relax & Chilled
Come join a server where Chill & Relaxation means kicking back and just hanging with some awesome people. Newly created so i'm not gonna lie we're small.
Comic Club Comic Club
A Discord server that focuses on art, story telling, comics and cartoons, etc. We also have a lot of community events like gaming sessions and art contests.
Gaming Sanctuary Gaming Sanctuary
A friendly and growing gaming community where you can play your favorite games and find new people to connect with. We also offer leveled roles and minigames.
The Coffee House The Coffee House
A dedicated League of Legends server with one purpose: To create a community where everyone can come together to play and have fun with each other!
Chibiusa's Crazy Clips Chibiusa's Crazy Clips
Chibiusa's Crazy Clips: Prank calls, weird commercials, comedy, spoken word, YouTube videos, audio clips, music, memes & more!
Aesthetic Aesthetic
We're a laid-back community with tons of fun, loving and vibrant people! Talk about gaming, anime, music, or anything at all!
DST Latinoamérica DST Latinoamérica
¡Bienvenido a la comunidad! Este es un grupo dedicado al juego Don't Starve. Aprende sobre el juego, comparte tus teorías ¡y busca usuarios para jugar!
Civilization VI Community Civilization VI Community
Civilization VI Rise and Fall Discord server
OtakuOnsen OtakuOnsen
A lovely Discord community dedicated to anime & gaming. Weekly movie and anime events! 10,000 members ~ Music bots ~ Rankings ~ Giveaways ~ Everyone is welcome!
[Fr] Village Konoha [Fr] Village Konoha
Nous somme un serveur social pour les fan de jeux vidéo, d'animé. Venez-nous rejonidre dès à présent !!
Aurora Aurora
This is Aurora, an Anime and Gaming server with a friendly/fun atmosphere! We have daily lotteries, karaoke, Tatsumaki and more! 1,000 Members and counting!
RP n Chill RP n Chill
RP n Chill a server for all you role-players out there who like a chilled place to Role-play.
Supernatural Family Supernatural Family
Family don't end with blood. We can go from Supernatural to pets to nsfw. You can join the fun.
L G B T Q + L G B T Q +
A (Kinky) place were you can chill and make new friends! **WARNING: NEW SERVER!**
Animal Crossing Community: SP+ Animal Crossing Community: SP+
Proud to be the first Animal Crossing Discord! Established in 2015, our community has been a hub for Animal Crossing fans to make long lasting friendships!~
The Funhouse (18+) The Funhouse (18+)
A smol, lewd, and friendly server for all! We're also looking for staff!
Pokémon Trainer Discord Pokémon Trainer Discord
A server for Pokémon players and enthusiasts to share their ideas and come together.
Asterius' Crib Asterius' Crib
A mediocre sized community mainly for gamers, programmers, weebs, and editors.
Japanese-Animu!?✩ Japanese-Animu!?✩
Welcome to Japanese-Animu!?? we are a very friendly community, So join us as we share kpop, jpop, and anime together <3, Weekly events, etc.
Languages Languages
Languages is a community focused on the methodological acquisition of new languages. We support English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, German and Japanese!