Affiliatron is a community of people trying to help others make legit money online. You can promote what you are passionate about and make money doing it.
Affiliatron is a community of people trying to help others make legit money online. You can promote what you are passionate about and make money doing it.
Entrepreneurs Support and test Server for Zumza the Bot. MMORPG / Chat based Game, still in development! Definition Entrepreneurs are people of all ages, who create their own businesses. Our Vision The aim of this server is to help teach people on how to become successful entrepreneurs in a fun and entertaining way using discord bots! We will be attempting to simulate the real world and make the users be able to make a profit or a loss based on player decisions. There will be a market where players can trade eachother and sell stocks to eachother, Sorta like a chat MMO/RPG game!
Want guaranteed legal money? Join this server. Members also share links on the hottest deals, offers, and referral goodies, all while enjoying giveaways.
This is a server for freelancers and clients to find work and get jobs done.
Do you know what it really takes to become a successful trader? Aspire for financial freedom? Learn from dozens of experienced active traders, know the ins and outs of the market. The market is no joke and it's a special niche that only the best can achieve consistent success.. is that you? Are you competitive, Gamer, Entrepreneur? Test your skills and dedication here! We are a small community focused on self improvement and working towards financial freedom!
We are an education-based cryptocurrency community of over 6,000 traders.
a Nice and friendly crypto currency related server, we talk here about cryptocurrency, tech, smartphones, gaming, bitcoin, etc. We like to play games and trade cryptocurrency and even mine too! We have partners like Bobeli and advertising is allowed on #advertising. Soon we will have a NSFW channel. Join us today!
The bitconnectCoin Community & The bitconnectCoin Have Moved Beyond The Failure Of The Centralized bitconnect Platform.
For 10 invites ONLY you get a 1 month nitro code!! No fake with prooves!
Daytrading with NinjaTrader
Join this inplay betting community where you can post/read live inplay tips for free.
Study group for all the CAIE amigos - server for education & learning -Has dedicated & active helpers + friendly moderation Future plans we'll have some community study sessions
Economy discord server based off of UnbelivaBoat.
ProdA-Z Records is a new Record Label for boosting new producer's work. Joining this group will allow you to contact the owner or manager for signing a contract but you have to donate $20 USD as donation because we would need some money to give you guys a content ID and keep your track safe from getting stealed. Your track will be published on our itunes, spotify, youtube, soundcloud and deezer and will be sold world wide. You can only deposit your money when you reach $200 #For any further inquiry contact us through discord or gmail.
A community to sell accounts and trade! A once 2k member server deleted.
GTA Online Money Drops & Recoveries. Here we do free money drops, and recoveries. Yes, you read that right. Our recoveries are free. The only thing we ask for is invites. Our services are like no other, especially due to our prices "basically none". We have never had anyone banned from this, so it is basically safe.
Mazacoin Basics Discord server the one stop shop for all things Mazacoin, news, mining, tribal relations, trading, and general news.
BooSt eSports is a competitive gaming Fortnite (currently only) that one day hopes to be sizably voluminous and to make an appearance in eSports. Currently an incipiently organized organization, but we are ameliorating and getting better every day. We opted to magnetize more attention and give names to underrated players on all platforms. A super newly made server made approximately 5 minutes ago
venha ganhar muitos premios
Welcome to the Unoffical Warrior cats Discord server! Here we chill and talk about warrior cats! If you haven't read the whole series you can use reaction roles to hide certain channels which might contain spoilers. We are really small and could use some more members so come on and join!
Dedicated to resources for anyone who needs extra money, often in unusual ways. It's hard to make money - Especially if you're underage, abused, disabled, etc. Find free/discounted/cheap items, especially those you can make money from, along with plenty of tutorials for living cheaply and managing adulthood.
Want notifications from the Roblox catalog? 🙂 You'll never miss a limited in this server again! 😱 Come join today! 🔔
Trading, forex, signals, crypto, free
Free advertisement and learn how to earn money online
Sell all of your digital goods! We have many bots that can entertain you too!
Welcome to the XSeries PRO Discord server. The purpose of this Discord is to introduce a suite of new MT4 trading tools to the community. The Metatrader 4 trade tools we have recently developed can benefit all traders, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional trader with decades of experience under your belt. We are offering two suites of MT4 trading tools, XSeries PRO and XSeries LITE. XSeries PRO is a more advanced set of tools while XSeries LITE is a more basic version. We are going to begin by introducing the XSeries LITE version first. During the education phase and rollout, all tools will be absolutely FREE for at least 6 months, possibly longer. The first 50 users that actively participate in the software rollout and improvement phase, will be given a FREE lifetime subscription for participating in the software rollout. We need your feedback to find out what people like, don't like, or suggestions to make the tools even better.
This is a marketplace to sell all types of goods and services
Staples is my dream job
Revolutionairy way of opening lootcases 1 - Deposit using OSRS or BTC 2 - Go to the case you want to open! 3 - Type in .open en watch it spin! 4 - Cash out!
The premier stock options community on Discord, run by real Wall Street traders. Our analysts work everyday to find the best buy alerts for stocks & options for our members.
Virtuelles Handelsbüro, Händler im Bereich Forex & CFD. 0 Erfahrung notwendig, aber gewünscht. Wir verstehen uns als beständige Händler im Sinne der Markttechnik und legen auf dem Discordserver unsere Trades offen. So profitieren wir voneinander und lernen voneinander.
The Official Discord server for Real-Time Market moving news Speak to traders from around the globe
A HOME FOR NEW INVESTORS AND TRADERS! Our goal is to keep analysis and alerts simple. No question is a dumb question here, we strive to have our members learn and profit within out community. If you are serious about changing your life and investing with confidence join our discord and check us out!
-----------------WildBuck----------------- We are a website where you can earn a quick change by solving captchas. Our payout minimum is only $2 and we have a high rate for each captcha you solve. We also have payout proof to ensure you that we are legit. Visit our website @
Global Macro Research is a discord server dedicated to gathering of relevant information and discussions of global macroeconomic situation for research based investing.