your local close-knit community of rad people, come await impending cosmic calamity with us!
your local close-knit community of rad people, come await impending cosmic calamity with us!
If you love Animal Crossing, join our server. WE ARE HIRING!!!
SolarisRP is a brand new roleplaying community based around GTA 5 on the PS4. With our founders being extremely experienced in roleplay management, we strive for perfection and hope you can contribute to this extraordinary online adventure. ​ We have created a professional, friendly community that offers: realtime voice communication using a nicely designed discord server, our own virtual currency, player driven economy, active emergency services, a mobile app with a walkie-talkie frequency used by the DES and a variety of immersive jobs to dive into.
Large server with multiple campaigns and RP sessions.We play DnD (5e mostly), Warhammer 40k, Hyperlanes,Pathfinder Looking out for more tabletop systems to run those too. Join For stable experience and consistent games, events, oneshots, tournaments and other fun stuff.*NEW*Giveaway of Nitro every month!
A Hyperion's Gate é um servidor que foi feito especialmente para a convivência entre pessoas sobre qualquer tipo de assunto, jogar e conhecer pessoas novas. O server é organizado e bem estruturado, conta com uma boa equipe da staff para manter a ordem e vários minigames que podem estar jogando para passar o tempo.
Jamers sempre! Comunidade brasileira Rocket League, CS:GO e Minecraft (A piada é Gamers só que com J)
Serveur discord FR pour le jeu One Piece Bounty Rush
We are a Minecraft factions server that is going to be released soon, please join us on our long-awaited journey.
Spectre7 Community Hub is the best community in the WORLD!! We welcome all members interested in gaming! This server includes :Gaming! :Friendly staff and owners! :Caring community! :Friendly and active members! Fun bots we have! - Pokecord - Rythem - IdleRPG What we have to offer! - Giveaways - Active members - Staff positions We hope to be the best community within gaming! We are also looking for staff and active members as well! Well what are you waiting for!?
Bienvenue dans le Serveur SOMBZORTH -_- • Community And • Gaming
Streaming community for Murderous on Twitch & Youtube. Lover of many video games and people. Come check me out! :)
Streaming community for Murderous on Twitch & Youtube. Lover of many video games and people. Come check me out! :)
A place for everyone to enjoy and have fun talking about anime and games.
The Hidden Tavern is a small and simple server for people from all walks of life, from gamers to people who just want to have a conversation and listen to music with other people. Join today!
Welcome to Void. This server is guided towards Hypixel Bedwars players and Hypixel in general. If you are looking for some fun or a teammate this server is the right place for you.
🎁Nitro Castle🎁 is a legit server which drops nitro in a week and Nitro giveaway daily and Nitro Invite events in a week an awesome server
Jaeger is a tightly knit gaming family. We started as 9 core members a few years back. But recently we changed server and started inviting our friends to the fold. We have a hearty and active community. On most days the chat is active 16-18 hours. We play Geopolitical games together. Usually we band together and take up a country. Sometimes we dominate the game, sometimes we dont. Example of Games: eRepublik, eRevollution, eRevollution 2.0, eDominations, eSims, TerraDominium. We play other games together too in events like Leauge of Legends and Crusader Kings 2. you can play games in our group. You can play as a soldier, or as a reporter, does writing fancy you well then you can become a writer. If you are of business mind, you can become a business man or does Politics sounds better?
RP Dayz Xbox Server Here at Seven Kingdoms we aim to provide a unique RP and PVP Dayz experience. Roam Solo, duo, or join a rebellious group, build an army and take over a Kingdom. Take over all 7 kingdoms and become the ruler of Chernarus! Are you brave enough for this adventure? With many more roles and a great team of staff to help you on your journey across the Seven Kingdoms in Chernarus. Weekend games including capture the leader, escape from Lumbermill, treasure hunt, slasher and the Novy Sobor Motor Relay.
everyone is welcome to join! If you are a youtuber contact valzzu_gamer
Ben je op zoek naar plek om nieuwe vrienden te maken? Waarom probeer je Guan's borrito stand niet eens. Wij bieden veel actieve en enthousiaste spelers die graag met nieuwe spelers in contact willen komen. Onze voordelen • Dyno bot • Minecraft server • Rust server
Hee hoy there. JBAS could be your one stop shop for a better life. An all around Atlus related server, from Megami Tensei, Persona and Etrian Odyssey to Vanillaware, Trauma Center or like Mahjong Cub3d if that's what you're into.
An active, relaxed community for weebs to chat and enjoy themselves! Giveaways, events, memes, gaming, art, music, gambling, bots. Always looking for new active members!
An active, relaxed community for weebs to chat and enjoy themselves! Giveaways, events, memes, gaming, art, music, gambling, bots. Always looking for new active members!
DayZ Rivals is a sever for streams from any platform to have a little faction action
A fun server where you can talk and meet other gamers, and have fun, If you get a high enough role you can be invited to the minecraft realms. You can easily climb through the roles and be a high level
+:。.。 In our server you can enjoy a friendly and non toxic community of people who like to chat around and to play bot games such as Mudae and Waifu-bot! 。.。:+
Selam Arkadaşlar Ben Melih 28 yaşındayım kanalım'da PUBG Mobile Videolarına başladım videolarım ilgini çektiyse kanalıma Abone olarak bana destek olabilirsin. Şimdiden Teşekkürler..
Welcome to Agretora! We are a small community where we try to have an engaging campaign. The players explore the lore together as you play through the campaign and we offer new quests as you progress. Our goal is to always have someone to roleplay with. Note that this server is a roleplay server where everyone can join and therefore it's like an MMO and not your classic DnD experience. We offer one-shots for players who join as a thank you for joining our server where we will use roll20. We also teach new players in both DnD (through one-shots) and Avrae. Welcome to Agretora! Where everyone is unaware that the world is under constant danger.
Galaxy - a TrackMania² mod pack, where you can have fun in much better ways than dull time hunting.
Robux dollars are available all over the gaming platform, but you will not get them for free, isn’t it? So you quell need to find out a way which will help you to acquire a lot of Robux and use them for various purposes in Roblox. There are various ways by which Robux can be earned or bought.
Get more than 10.000 UC For Pugb Mobile. This in-game currency can be spent in both the Battle Royale PvP mode and the Save the World PvE campaign. In Battle Royale you can purchase new customization items. In Save the World you can purchase Llama Pinata card packs.
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This server is not for you. Please do not join.
This server is not for you. Please do not join.
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A place to come sit back relax, talk, and meet new people
Come check out Endurable Services to purchase a variety of different services listed below. Join our Discord and follow the instructions below to order! -------------------------------------------------------- Freelancers Available: @Builder @GFX Designer @Illustrator @Animator @Bot Developer @Discord Setups @Minecraft Setups @Video Editor @Writer -------------------------------------------------------- To order please follow these 3 steps: 1) Head over to bot-commands and type -order 2) Once you have created an order either choose automatic and fill out the questions or talk to a representative 3) Now you wait until a freelancer accepts your order and you can begin
A Minecraft Discord Server
Just a restaurant for a star wars group on roblox its for roleplay purposes but also a hangout for people. We need spots and everything filled, so once you join ping a mod or admin on what job you want. The jobs we have are: Bouncers, Chefs, Bartenders and Waiters & Waitresses.
Deutschsprachiger Communityserver hauptsächlich für Nintendo- und PC-Titel, aber auch andere Plattformen sind vertreten.