Wszystkich zainteresowanych dyskusją na temat szeroko pojętej polityki,historii,ekonomii,religii i wielu innych tematów chciałbym zaprosić na nasz discordowy serwer "Polityka+Historia".Posiadamy pomocną administrację i moderację,szeroki wybór ról, botów,kanałów tematycznych,oraz aktywnych kanałów głosowych. Zapraszamy!
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We wish for our community to grow and you look like someone who can do that! If you are someone that is into anime, gaming, memes, politics, shit-posting, socialism/communism, and just love talking then this might be the server for you! Everyone is welcome and hope to see you there!
A US politics server featuring a unique role system and a healthy diversity of views.
A server made for fans of Secular Talk, Bernie Sanders, and general progressive politics.
A fan discord for the SMP Earth server.
Join the Holy Volkhaven Empire! ~Welcoming the Right to Far-Right Wing in our growing Community. ~We are a Christian Community! ~We will not let Leftism destroy us, we shall remain traditional!
Are you tired of political servers full of trolls and idiots? Do you finally want to have a proper political discussion without interruption so we can actually get anywhere as a society? Then you have found the right place! We are a well-moderated server for mature and serious politics.
Welcome to the Empyrean! We are an Australian-based server that actively aims to create an fun and inclusive community for all kinds of individuals. Our server is primarily dedicated to casual politics and gaming, allowing both serious and non serious discussions to occur in a supportive environment.
A roleplay server for the Northern Ireland Assembly.
Maybe the real Reich was the friends we made along the way?
A friendly place for queer and trans MLs
Arab Muslim server for socializing
Server for discussing and debating politics and history - with self-assignable roles :)
Howdy all!! This is a leftist hangout to just chill, meme around, and make friends. We hope you join! Thanks!
Economics, Politics, Finance, Stock, Crypto, Religion, Free Speech, Polls, Roles, and suggestions could be added!
Praten over de toekomst, het bespreken van politieke keuzes, praten over het nieuws, samen gamen, en evenementen.
Anything from political discussion to hardcore gaming. Come by and chill.