The Otaku's Guild is a future YouTube Server releasing Videos about our discord Shenanigans beginning Summer 2020. If you want to be apart of our videos, just join the server and meme with us. Quarantine with us and Make Wealthy Vibes.
The Otaku's Guild is a future YouTube Server releasing Videos about our discord Shenanigans beginning Summer 2020. If you want to be apart of our videos, just join the server and meme with us. Quarantine with us and Make Wealthy Vibes.
The Otaku's Guild is a future YouTube Server releasing Videos about our discord Shenanigans beginning Summer 2020. If you want to be apart of our videos, just join the server and meme with us. Quarantine with us and Make Wealthy Vibes.
The community server of B.D.A. Law, a One Piece based YouTuber. This is the most active server within the One Piece community.
This is a server for my youtube channel were you can contact me and say hi and find new people
Want to grow on Youtube, Mixer, Twitch, etc? Join Bait Squad TODAY with tons of other creators! If you are a graphics designer, video editor, etc, there is also sections for that. Maybe you just want to chill with cool people and aren't actually a content creator, that's fine too! We have weekly giveaways, raffles, movie nights, game nights, etc! Join NOW! Project founded December 22, 2018.
🌵Official server of Youtuber/Artist, SonaDrawzStuffYT🌵 Thank you for checking us out! :D, we offer lots of things in our server, such as 🌵An active and very social chat🌵 (we have a VERY friendly, non toxic community) 🎨Share your art, ANY kind of art, with others!🎨 🎉Lots of random events in our server🎉 📰An active news channel where you can hear weekly news📰 ❓Lots of fun QOTDS!!!!❗ So what are you waiting for, come join our server now!!!
A server that is created by the 3 owners who have been running a server before, in this server we try and unite as a community to talk with everyone here. We have things like: - Sponsors - Gaming - Giveaways - Friendly Staff - Cool bots And much more! Join our server today!
welcoming small comunnity for small channels -+- make friends, help eachother out, get advice, ask questions and grow your channel -==+==- we're all pretty chill and friendly so we accept everyone as long as you do us the same
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Streamers | Entertainment | Good Vibes | Crude Humor |
Streamers | Entertainment | Good Vibes | Crude Humor |
Discord community of: What we're about: - Nitro Giveaways - Mobile, PC and console gaming - Memes, art and lowkey NSFW sharing - Chill members and staff
A server/Youtube channel to discuss anything without being politically correct, no matter what it is. We have offensive memes, political discussions, events, and a Minecraft server. Come, have fun, and stay salty.
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel. We discuss all sorts of things here.
Welcome to Water Puddle, a candy-themed and fun community for people who wants to make a new friend. We are a community that was created in March 15, 2019. We are a family-friendly, and we have many things for users to do. We have many events, giveaways, custom bots, leveling roles and more.
This is a retro gaming server
Hello,welcome to All Hail Flamingo! This Discord server is about a YouTuber named Albert, but his channel is called Flamingo. Please join if you are a fan of him! We are kind & chill, I'm sure you'll have a great time!
Welcome to the Dr. Ron of the Podcasting. (Music, Talkshow, Ranting and more.)
'ello, fellow homosapiens <3 « just chill w me and talk to each other, its have a good time lmao <3 everybody is accepted here and will be greeted with love, i promise « make friends, listen to music, choose your own roles and level up if you send messages lets vibe, listen to music, talk shit, get to know each other and hype others up, lets go pictures of pets are also highly appreciated « we do not accept any kind of harassment, this server is all about acceptance and living in hArMonY « yeet ily a lot
Youtube Nation is a place were creators can discuss video ideas and exchange feedback. We try to help everyone grow their channel while making friends.
AimÜvi resmi discord adresi
This server was made for sleepless gamers! We are all about competitive game content. Some server features are: - Game coaches - Streaming - Memes - Events/Giveaways - Game clips - And MORE You can find Sleepless Kyru's YouTube and Twitch channels inside!
This is a fan server dedicated to the YouTube content creator Scott the Woz.
Just a reviewer and gamer tryna grow his community
Onur Bayrak Zula
The Official Server of YouTuber Brockcoli. Make sure to subscribe to the channel when you Join. Brockcoli is super interactive with his fans and the server is the best way to interact with him. have fun interacting with others who have a passion for gaming, comedy, horror, and more. what are you waiting for? Join the Brockcoli Brigade!!!!
A server were we can hangout and support each other, and discover whats new! Lets take this journey together!
Community of small youtubers
Join The Server And Start Playing Minecraft And Garry's Mod Servers!
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a survival minecraft server discord
She was born March 20, 1984. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA Sisters: Jenna Ezarik and Breanne Ezarik iJustine is an American YouTube personality, host and actress. She is best known as iJustine, with over a billion views across her YouTube channels since 2006. She gained attention as a lifecaster who communicated directly with her millions of viewers on her channel, She currently posts videos on her main channel iJustine. She makes videos about tech, travel, gaming and some interesting attempts at baking. iJustine became known for her "300-page iPhone bill", which followed the first month of service after the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007. The viral video of her review earned her international attention. She has ranked among the top 1000 Twitter users in the world with over 1.9 million followers. iJustine has over 1.5 million Instagram followers. She has over 1,700 Videos on her YouTube Channel
She was born 27. august 1989. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. Sisters, Justine Ezarik and Breanne Ezarik Jenna Ezarik loves hanging out with her sisters, Justine and Breanne. She is an avid fan of video games. Jenna is steadily making a name for herself in the YouTube community and is sure to reach a million subscribers soon! Jenna Ezarik is an American YouTube star known for posting content that showcases her personality, her love for animals, her travels, and events that occur in her day to day life. Formerly known on YouTube as Jenna Jenna Ezarik is extremely passionate about vlogging. She loves the idea of sharing her personal life stories with the world and connecting with people all across the globe. Beautiful and hot, the young YouTube personality is also well educated. The most interesting video on her channel is the 'iPhone X Underwater Face ID Test The video, has over 6 million views.
Rosanna Pansino, born June 8, 1985, is an American YouTuber, baker, actress, singer, and author. In 2010, she started the cooking series Nerdy Nummies, which has became one of the most well-known baking shows on YouTube. Her work as an actress includes in the animated YouTube series Broken Quest as well as starring in the YouTube Premium series Escape the Night, appearing in main roles on both shows. Pansino has released two cookbooks, as well as releasing her own baking line. She has also released the single "Perfect Together", in which she made her official debut as a singer.