Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord! A community of gamers who have a interest for Nintendo Switch! Exchange friend codes and more!
Hi! Eevee's Rescue Team is a server dedicated to rescuing in the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon titles. We are an "offshoot server" of Eevee's Mystery Dungeon (https://discord.me/eeveemd), so to speak. We're glad to offer a streamlined, efficient server with dedicated, wonderful members. If you ever need to get rescued in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - any of the games - we'll be glad to help you!
Serveur francophone d'entraide et de partage sur l'informatique en général, et le hack 3ds principalement. Si vous aimez n'importe quel domaine de l'informatique, n'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre, nous discuterons avec vous avec plaisir. ^^ If you're english, you can join this server as well, there's no poblem, we'll can speak with you !
The officially unofficial fan community for the 3DS game, Final Fantasy Explorers.
Cool dudes all looking for cool dudes to trade and battle!
O JumpManClub Brasil é um grupo independente de tradução de games, focando em games da Big N, nossa querida Nintendo! Nosso objetivo é trazer para o português do Brasil, games que originalmente não foram portados para o nosso idioma, sem nenhuma finalidade lucrativa, de fã pra fã, e distribuindo o nosso trabalho gratuitamente através da internet!
The Roost Café is a community for fans of the Animal Crossing series! Make friends and connect with other players!
** We offer all Animal Crossing games, including the upcoming New Horizons switch game ** Hi, welcome to the Animal Crossing Discord server! If you love Animal Crossing as much as we do, come and join our fun and loving community! We have lots of different things for everyone to enjoy. We have a large, growing, active community that is always there to help you in any way you need. There are server events and ACNL and the upcoming Switch events held by our events team. Like bots? We have bots! We have multiple different bots with games and features for everyone to play with. Like giveaways and free stuff? Come and join our giveaways held by our server members! Looking for something that’s not there? Throw down a suggestion with our suggestion bot and we’ll see if we can make it happen. With so much to do, we’re sure you will have an amazing time! We hope to see you soon!
We're a server that loves Nintendo and hosts events and tourneys for cash prizes.
Howdy ! Welcome to the Pokemon Heaven ! Please, don't forget to read the rules and introduce yourself to be part of the members ! You can add yourself roles with YAGPDB bot when you'll be a member ! In this server, you can talk about pokemon and stuffs and make friends ! Some giveaways will come in the future thanks to powersaves ! You can trade pokemon and items or create your own "market" in the trading station, but you can also battle players and create your own arena or gym in the battling station ! Battle events are coming in the future and will maybe allow you to win a price ! Don't hesitate to show your talents thanks to the masterpieces channel, reserved to artists ! Talk to new friends in the vocal channels or listen to music with them ! You can play with the bots Mudae, Pokécord, Rythm,Tatsumaki and Toasty in the BOT category ! Be respectful, and have fun !
We have got lots of things on this server giveaways art channels bots community and bots give it a try
This is a brand new gym server that is dedicated to Pokémon X and Y where you can battle gym leaders and the famous elite four. I plan on adding events as well as tournaments to the server once it gets large enough, so if you like tournaments and gym servers, then this is the server for you.
PARTNERSHIPS AVAILABLE!!! Squid Crossing is an all purpose, Nintendo gaming server, a great place to make friends, and a safespace for those who need it! If you’re looking to play Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and other games with, or just need people to talk to, our friendly server is the one to fit all of your needs! We have: ⭐️ Friendly staff and an accepting community 👋 ⭐️ GIVEAWAYS!!! 🎁 ⭐️ Gaming chats for Splatoon, Animal Crossing, and much more! 👾 ⭐️ Text channels for socializing 💬 ⭐️ Movie Nights on Rabb.it 🍿 ⭐️ Game Nights featuring Skribbl.io and Cards Against Humanity ✏️ ⭐️ Voice and music channels 🎧 ⭐️ Roles earned by leveling up 🏅 ⭐️ Self-assignable roles 🎀 ⭐️ Fun bots and commands 🤖 ⭐️ 50+ emotes 🎉 ⭐️ Suggestion boxes so we know what you want 📢 ⭐️And much more! Come join us and make some friends! We're a welcoming community, so don't worry about fitting in! We hope you enjoy your time in our community! - Rybo ;)
Dedicated to a private server for NDS pokemon games, and as well as shiny hunting. This server has guides and such for those interested. Pokemon focused but other games such as splatoon 2 has an optional channel.
🏆Welcome to the Pokémon Generations League! 🎆We are a Pokémon Showdown and 3DS League that provides a unique, fun and challenging battling experience. ⚔️We have 4 League systems: The Trainer Tower, Colosseums, the Region Challenge, and a Draft League. 📜More information can be found in our League Doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mlVKYcX4rCENMrFRyOzoVEkqAKJr5fLuiEv6UPwgQwU/edit?usp=sharing 🎁 Pokemon Genning Service 🎮 Regular Tournaments & Events 🏫A Trainer Academy for Teambuilding 🎉Giveaways
We're a super friendly and easy-going server for fans and players of the Monster Hunter franchise, founded and run mostly by Australians.
We're a community of Nintendo gamers that play all sorts of Nintendo games. Come on by if you are a Nintendo gamer and want to play with others or you can share screenshots/videos of your progress in games. What we have: - Role Assignment channel - Categorized channels - Automatic post feed channels (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get Auto Posts role) - NSFW channel (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get NSFW role) - Music channel (need to go to #role-assignment channel and get Music role) - Friendly Staff and Admins and much more!