Discord Servers tagged with Arenas

Howdy ! Welcome to the Pokemon Heaven ! Please, don't forget to read the rules and introduce yourself to be part of the members ! You can add yourself roles with YAGPDB bot when you'll be a member ! In this server, you can talk about pokemon and stuffs and make friends ! Some giveaways will come in the future thanks to powersaves ! You can trade pokemon and items or create your own "market" in the trading station, but you can also battle players and create your own arena or gym in the battling station ! Battle events are coming in the future and will maybe allow you to win a price ! Don't hesitate to show your talents thanks to the masterpieces channel, reserved to artists ! Talk to new friends in the vocal channels or listen to music with them ! You can play with the bots Mudae, Pokécord, Rythm,Tatsumaki and Toasty in the BOT category ! Be respectful, and have fun !