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Welcome to Chesscord. We started as a community of University Chess clubs in Oceania, but have now gone global and now anyone can join! We have many helpful titled chess players so if you are new to chess they can give you some tips how to improve and analyse your games with you.
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Board Kings cheats can also be mobile customized to help you generate your resources directly from your own smartphone browser, it's doesn't matter if you have Android or iOS Device.
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The largest, and possibly the oldest group dedicated to Tabletop Simulator. TTSClub was created back in the day with the intention of creating a close knit community to play tabletop games with. Throughout the years we've learnt many games together, had games taught to us, and surely taught a few ourselves. Learning games are something we frequently do. There are no games we "primarily" play, just ask to play any game and people will chime in if they'd like to play. Board game newbies and experienced veterans alike have always been welcome to join a voice channel and we'll be up to play. Now multiple years later, we're still quite the active group on discord! Hosting monthly events, playing daily, and just for when you'd like to pass the time; feel free to take up a seat and get comfy!
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We are a Filipino-based community for board game / tabletop game enthusiasts. Philippines, Pinoy, Filipino, Board Games, Tabletop