Newly opened Discord server. We have Waifubot, Mudae, Pokécord and more. The aim of the server is to chill, so please com in, it's lonely here.
Just a fun discord channel with friendly moderators, nsfw and meme bots (oh yeah also boxbot when ur just bored and got nothing else to do.. :D). Server includes 6 public voice channels with 4-5 music bots so even if you are in a diffrent voice channel you can request a music bot there (unless someone hasnt just pulled all the bots into a single channel) yeahh. There are 2 main languages spoken in this channel and they are estonian and english so if you can speak english u'll be set.
We have many different games, hobbies etc for you to chat with others about! We take suggestions!
A place for people to hang out and be themselves; a chill enviroment with no judging.
look man its a new server cut me some slack anyway u should join and verify and maybe eventually get a big server going also nsfw channel also a decent female to male ratio
If u love cheats, ur welcome. U can find here friends (or not) also nice cheats/scripts(not guaranted). Small server with 8/7 active members. Also this server u can find with claim H! Guild.
Welcome to the Bored Community! We are a server where you can just generally ask people to play if you are bored, meet people, and play games, we quite honestly could not care if you hate it here, we are just here for fun, and we are bored.