Oh dear, the void seems to be unstable and ever going.. but with mysterious letters from The Prophet and journeys into the void, everything seems to be working out? Maybe? Oh no. A fun discord server for chatting to people and being included! Enjoy debates as well as normal conversations and of course the cake! So why not join and have some fun? ^^ ALSO CAKE!? What's the point of the server? Having fun conversations and make some friends with the other people trapped among the cupcakes. A fun themed community group.
Wir sind eine kleine doch stätig wachsende Community. Wir bieten dir einen aktiven Support so wie eine freundliche Community. Baue mit uns eine große und warmherzige Community auf ♥ ∘₊✧────────────────────✧₊∘​ 。◦ ☽ Invite https://discord.gg/6DenDqT ∘₊✧────────────────────✧₊∘​
> ————————————————————— > > :cupcake: **[ MUFFIN BREAK ]** :cupcake: > > ————————————————————— > > :cake: A cafe company. :cake: > > ————————————————————— > > :doughnut: "Good Goes in" :doughnut: > > ————————————————————— > > :link: **[ LINKS ]** > > ROBLOX: https://www.roblox.com/groups/4607637/Muffin-Break#!/about > > —————————————————————
hey there, welcome to the cake ritual! This is where we can talk about cake, and stuff. Have fun, or YOU WILL EATEN BY EVERYONE IN THE SERVER LIKE CAKE IS. Huh, What's that? ...errr nothing, heh heh. Ha ha, Have fun! (be sure to check out the BFDI wiki!)
A Friendly small server who care for the people who are in it. :)
This server is for people who don't want to be alone when tackling the Russian language. But also native Russians speakers can find here a community that is interested in their language, exchanges about life, love, vodka and is willing to help with English. We try to host regular exercises and activities to keep you on your toes ...err... motivated.