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Survival America Server [SAS] [PT/BR/ES/EN]
Community | Art
Hey, You - Yeah, You! are you looking for a FRIENDLY & ACTIVE community? If so, "DINO DEN" Has that and more! What we offer: An art channel to share your talents Self-Assignable roles An active community Partnerships! Open for staff recruitment (Moderators, Helpers, etc...) JOIN TODAY - NOBODY'S STOPPING YOU
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The Isle - Realismo
Gaming | Entertainment
A server for the BS Gaming Community
Gaming | Entertainment
Come join us on our new server! We are a no rules server using the Thenyaw map and we welcome anyone! Server name: Paradox Mode: Survival Slots: 115 Discord: The server was created on 08/08/2019. Any help and advise is welcome! ^^
Gaming | Entertainment
The dino den is the fan server of the youtuber dino gamer101
Gaming | Social
It's a semi-realism server with a fun and respectful community and the rules are straight to the point. The admins are active and are helpful and nice. You are allowed to suggest things that you want changed on the discord and/or the game server, and you are also allowed to make suggestions for events. There is a point system where you can buy dinos and grows. Admin applications are gonna be out soon so if anyone ever wanted to be an admin on an isle server, you have a very good chance.