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We have now merged with DGHub, join them here: https://discord.me/dghub/ This is a Runescape Dungeoneering discord server for those who wish to pay to leech XP. We are a team of top DGers that provide the fastest experience and tokens in game, guaranteed. Our team holds many of the Dungeoneering records for the fastest floor times with one, two, three, and four leeches; the record sheet can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16yBsPSOvWjELrjld0YqRCuvpCWaw1pq4zp8AgClZzUo/pub?gid=0 With our services you can expect to achieve: Level 1-75 = ~2 Hours Level 76-90 = Up to 2.3M Xp/h Level 91-99 = Up to 3M Xp/h Level 100-110 = Up to 3.7M Xp/h Level 111+ = Up to 4.5M Xp/h
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The Official Dungeoneering Hub that includes everything DG and ED related. You can find Leeching Services here, but also team-finding and mentoring! We offer a wide range of services for DG, for all budgets and needs: ED Token farming provides the best way to get tokens Regular floor service which offers a fast and affordable training method for all levels Premium floor service which offers the absolute fastest XP/hr.
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Discord server for the DG Service RuneScape friends chat, the #1 friends chat for all your dungeoneering needs. Join our fun and supportive dungeoneering community on discord and chill in our in-game FC. Our friendly hosts can help you with all your dungeoneering needs, and include some of the world's top dgers! We are also recruiting for ranks of all abilities, and can offer mentoring to help you improve.