Do you support first responders? Are you a first responder? Join this Discord and show your support!
SanAndreas RP is a greek FiveM roleplay server! Join to explore all the amazing features!
Join HRPC Today! | Daily updates | 100+ custom civ cars | Non ELS | Hiring all departments | Active staff | Vmenu | HRPC | Hiring all positions | Players Required | Whitelisted + Trained LEO/EMS | Fully Developed | All Positions Available | Realistic RP | Custom Vehicles+Peds | Active Admins | 100+ Custom Cars | HRPC, its not about the roleplay. Its about the family and trust you build. Here at HRPC we are all a family and strive to deliver the greatest RP and most realistic experience to the world. Discord: What we have to offer: •Welcoming Server :hugging: •Trained FTO team :oncoming_police_car: •Custom Player Models :slight_smile: •100+Custom Cars :oncoming_automobile: •Realistic Handling and Damage :oncoming_bus: •Custom commands •A dedicated Staff Team :man: •A dedicated Support Team to help with any issues you may run into :hugging: •Tons of experience :smiley: •A Family Where You Can Feel Welcome :heart: •Hiring H
Es hora de dar un golpe sobre la mesa en el mundo del Roleplay, apuntate y jamate! Server Español de Roleplay Scripts públicos, propios y de pago Comunidad Activa Trabajos personalizados Coches Reales y Vanilla Economía Real Mafias y Drogas POP Y mucho más!!
FiveM Roleplay Server
MattCord is a community based server supporting Twitch Affiliate CMaTTHeW
ARP is a serious roleplay server on FiveM (A Framework for GTA5) Always looking for new people to join the fun of roleplay in our server. You can put in an appliction on our Teamspeak3 server (IP Located in Discord). We look forward to see you in the server!
Illinois State RP FiveM ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ We want to give you the best Police RP on FiveM that you can find. We promise at least 10-24 hours of uptime every day, With many of the cars that are used in real life. Our Staff members are dedicated to give you the best training possible to enroll you in one of our departments: Chicago Fire Department: Head of CFD: Open Applications: Open Chicago Police Department: Head of CPD: Taken Applications: Open Illinois State Police Head of ISP: Open Applications: Open Cook County Sheriffs Office: Head of CCSO: Open Applications: Open Illinois Department Of Communications (Dispatch): Applications: Open ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ So What are you waiting for join now!
Why Choose Us? Here at Safe City Role Play are very glad to have you and, we are open to suggestions and lots of feedback! What is Safe City Role Play? SCRP is a brand new FiveM role play server! We may be small but we have very much to offer you within our server! What departments do we offer? Dispatch (San Andreas 911 Communications) SAST (San Andreas State Troopers) SAFD (San Andreas Fire Department) LSPD (Los Santos Police Department) BCSO (Blaine County Sheriff's Office) FIB (Federal Investigation Bureau) CIV (Civilian) We offer many awesome sub divisions! We also offer: Active Staff Strict Realism Simple Rules Active LEO Active EMS Active Fire Depart
Hello welcome to ForceEdgeRP here at FORP we are a role play server for PC FiveM we have active staff and we are a new community so please come by and check out the great community
This server is a First Responder Themed Gaming Community. Aimed to connect members and allow them to play in a fun nontoxic environment! We heavily welcome first responders to join in here!!! If you are a first responder, you an verify your status and become verified and connect with other first responders! We made this for playing games like R6, OW, GTA, COD, and just to hang out
Somerset Roleplay is a newer roleplay server made to give people more freedom with their roleplay.
We have a very active Staff / Development Team! Constantly updating server, keeping it fresh! We hope to see y'all in the servers and discord! Need any help message anyone on Leadership
Alpha Roleplay is a new FiveM community made by two great role-players, between us we have around 2000 hours experience in law enforcement, verified civilian, ems and fire departments and governmental agencies. We are looking for members in: Staff Certified Civilian San Andreas State Police San Andreas Fire Department What you need to join: Discord A Decent Mic Teamspeak A Decent PC (so you can multi-task) Good Internet connection. Our Community: FX Server Serious RP Non ELS CAD/MDT Website Forum Experienced Members We worked hard to get our server online and are looking for members. Apply today at
CLRP, is a community based roleplay server for fivem that allows people to come together and make friends and also give young people a real life experience of what police or civilians do in the world.
This is an LEO and Ems and Fire discord server(many other jobs), we use ELS and custom police and fire cars. Most of our staff and members are from the US but we accept UK members and we have some right now. Please join if you like roleplaying and having fun.
Discord for the City of Infamy RP FiveM Discord.
Hey There! I would like to invite you all to join our new server CLRP. We always look forward in making our player's experience better every time. We run this server with professionalism and maturity. We offer our players a great number of resources so that they can enjoy the maximum out of the server. We always look forward into growing more and taking everyone's opinion in so that we can make of this community a home for a lot of players. What we offer: - Blaine County Sheriff's Office - Los Santos Sheriffs Department - San Andreas State Troopers - Fire Department - 100+ Custom Vehicles - vMenu - Custom Scripts - CAD - Friendly and mature staff We are constantly looking for skilled people to become high rank in departments! You can join our community by joining our discord server.
What are we? CCRP is a realistic role play community. We are a Illinois based friendly public community that is in search of good players like you. We are a menu based server that uses vMenu, CAD, EUP, dedicated online 24/7, We Use Teamspeak, Custom Cars. Consistently adding more! Cook County RP 4 Join Our Teamspeak 1 Join our discord 8 Our Goal Our goal is to RP realistically and to have fun doing it at the same time. We are currently hiring for all departments and have a HUGE opportunity for growth. What departments do we offer? Chicago Police Department Cook County Sheriff Illinois State Police Chicago Fire Department Active Dispatch Civilian Operations Who are we looking for? Communications Director Civilians CCPD ISP CCS + Law Enforcement Officers Fire/ EMS Tow Truck operators Staff+ Admins CCRP Server Discord