Gaming | Anime
Hello, Pokémon fans. Have you ever wanted to create a Pokémon fan game? Well, you can right now! I and a few friends are creating a fan game called Pokémon Dark World. It is still in very early development. The region is based in Italy and is called Leonia. You can choose from a variety of roles, please be sure that you have skill in those roles. When you join the server, please tell the owners which role you would like. We also have other chats for different games other than Pokemon, as well as a place to watch anime or read manga with server members! I hope you will join us and help us create a successful Pokémon fan game. Have an amazing day and I hope to see you on the discord server!
Gaming | Art
Welcome to Revealing Shadows! The main entertainment in this server are the weekly fakemon silhouette contests. You are still welcome to join if you'd just like to make new friends.
Gaming | Social
The Pokémon Cafe! A place to talk to fellow fans of Pokémon, and also Fakemon creators! You can become your very own trainer as well as buy things from our server shop!
Art | Anime
Ahlmas is the name of my fakemon I'm designing for a potential game. I don't have the experience, but wanted to create the concept for it. Feel free to check it out and chill. You can upload your art and fakemon too! Let's build a fakemon community in a alternative world filled with almas together.