We're a small organization who cares about old-school online games. We launched exclusive game servers which will bring you to the early 2000s!
Large and active server for all things Half-Life, Portal and Valve related! Pop in and say hello :) We're excited for Half-Life: Alyx!
The official server for Néotl Empire, an indie game developer, and gaming community. Created by gamers, for gamers. - Games - Game Development - Mods - Mod Development - Jobs - Music - YouTube Videos - Livestreaming - Memes - Democratic Empire - Fun
A roleplay server based around the Black Mesa Research Facility before the resonance cascade took place.
This is a Server where you can talk about mapping for source games, share your maps and progress and talk to other people who use the Hammer Editor. [This is an unoffical discord group]
The central Half-Life server for Discord. Proudly partnered with /r/halflife! | Created by Kim#9999