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Thunderground, Packing, Rap Battles, NSFW, Teens, Dating, Roblox, Gaming, Toxic, Nitro, Discord Nitro, Pack, Voice Call, VC, Packing VC, Rapping
Emoji | Community
A Greek mythology/French/Christianity themed SFW community filled with 500 cute and unique emotes! Will be hosting a Valorant tourney on August 22nd, please come and join! Prize pool is $200
Role-Playing | Community
Haven Embassy is where leaders and hosts can recruit freely. Where freelancers can come in search of active Rps. Where new roleplayers can come to be exposed to tools like how to start their own Rps, taught the basics of RP and more.
Community | Gaming
IMVU Nation is an IMVU based community. Here you can share and meet other IMVU users, sell or buy products, share your experiences and much more. We also hold events for IMVU users, drawing credits or more. We also operate an advertising system in which you can publicize your new products and increase your sales.
Science | Education
A Server all about sadness and depression with Hentai and Yaoi added to the mix, join us lets cry together while busting a nut #Doomer
Community | Anime
Join the largest and oldest IMVU discord community now!
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Animal Crossing, Dead by Daylight, League of Legends, IMVU, Toontown (toon town), Black dessert Online (bdo), Sims, skribble, Minecraft, iMessage, Cod MW, lots of movies watching, active voice channel, friendship, community, active, LGBTQ
Hobbies | Gaming
☼✿just a place for people who don't have one. :p ☮☮☮ gaming,chat/social, vent, animal crossing,imvu,anime and so on and so forth✿☼
Community | Anime
Looking for a server that's inclusive and friendly? Want to meet new people...maybe join a cult?? This is the server for you!! We have: ✶ leveling opportunities!! ✶ an active & growing community ✶ vc events! ✶ partnerships ✶ lightly moderated! ✶ emotes!! ✶ fun bots ✶ verified vc chats ✶ selfie channels ✶ customisable roles!! Currently looking for: ✶ Partner Managers ✶ High Admin ✶ Mods Apply Today! Join us!
Hobbies | Gaming
if the link doesn't work add me as I will invite you to the server: 🌺 𝒢𝑒𝓈𝓎𝒶𝒯𝒱 🌺#3935
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IMVU Server
Social | Entertainment
Small community that mainly plays IMVU. But all people and all gamers are welcome as well c: ! We are a very social server and everyone is welcome !