This is a small anime server, we accept everyone』 ➼There aren't alot of rules ➼Music and more fun bots! ➼Alot of self-assignable roles ➼You can partner with us ➼You can vent or talk about yaoi/yuri ➼You can post photo's and selfies! ➼You can suggest stuff! ➼You can make friends with interesting people! ♡This a safe space where you can talk about anime, yaoi and more!♡
In this server you can recommend Kill la Kill themed emojis that others can use for a later purpose.
A server to express your love for Kill la kill, Trigger, or anime in general.
Trigger Studio is a fan server dedicated to the anime studio of the same name. This community is brand new and is looking for staff! Join for fans of all TRIGGER properties!