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We are here to provide services for all of your Destiny PVP needs. We also provide services for Pinnacle weapons from Gambit and Vanguard as well.
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Legend Gamer HUB The Discord of true gamer
Meme | Gaming
Meme Jesus Mafia is the official #1 active Discord server in text chat. It's a server for Instagram @Yourlordandsaviormemejesus. With over 100,000 members, we have a rewarding leveling system, premium and fun bots such as a really well set up economy bot, pokecord bot, waifu collector, and several NSFW bots. We have tons of giveaways, an active minecraft server, and tournaments where you can win money or discord nitro. Our tournaments consist of games such as League Of Legends, Apex Legends, CS:GO, and Rainbow Six Siege. We believe in free speech so you can voice your opinions. Come join us, have fun, win some money and meet new people.
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Tell Tale Academy, a school filled with the offspring of your favorite childhood fairytales and Greek mythology. With royals, warlocks, Gods, peasants, etc. there is always something buzzing in these hallowed halls. Check out our website!
Otake serveur
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A New Worldwide Gaming Community focus on the best-sellers Minecraft, GTA 5 and in the game CS:GO. We also have propers channels for non-listed games and if a game appears a lot in our suggestions channel we would put it in Discord too.