General Mac Troubleshoothing & help
Homebrew Xbox One SmartGlass and gamestream library
This discord server is geared towards gaming, old pc gaming, Old computing, Old games, New games, Fun, Friendship, and Relaxation. Hhhhhhh There are many roles, and many chat-servers. A lot of them are geared towards a game, or a certain era or topic. On this server, you can show off your computer/computers, hardware, and other ju- I mean treasure. We might start an MC server. no nsfw
Geek Cafe is your one-stop-shop for any geek-related content. We have many categories for our members to communicate in. They are; Home Automation Windows Apple Linux Android Coding Archives Vintage Tech Podcasts Transit and more to come with your suggestions.
A technology and developer oriented server.
A server for all tech fans alike!