Science | Education
Science server for aerospace and mechanical engineering. Suitable for undergraduate, graduate, and highschool. Part of a larger science network. Dedicated homework channels.
Well hey, seems you’ve stumbled upon the one and only StockySuper! You might be a little confused as to what this operation is, but you’ve come to the right channel. Here in Smash Mafia, we aim to bring our members to the next level of competitive play (in Smash). With matchmaking channels and regular tournaments, you’ll always have the chance to hone your skills and spar against other Smash enthusiasts. Should you want to follow a quieter life here in the Stocky, you can also relax and get to know your fellow in our variety of social channels. So waddaya waiting for, get on in there and show’em what you’re made of!
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Fish. Fish on floor is great. Fish.........