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Hello There. Are You Looking For Awesome Server? We Got Something For You! We have: - Custom Bots! - Pepsi Religion - ALOT of Pepsi - Fun Channels. We are Growing Community So Please Help us Reach 50+ Members! [ https://discord.gg/Nu858uJ ]
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Welcome to the Pepsi Emoji Hub! This server is dedicated to providing Discord Nitro users with an outstanding amount of Pepsi-themed emojis.
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Hello, and welcome to the Black Mesa Discord Server! We are a chill server so you can come to talk and relax. We have a community-centered management team and great people. We look forward to having you! Some extra things you might wanna know before you join us!: -you will be asked 3 questions that you can get right or wrong, get enough right and you will be hired, there are also 3 other questions that are neither right or wrong. -we are centered in The United States, keep that in mind. -there is political humor in our server, keep that in mind. -We are funny, keep that in mind. -You can post memes in general, keep that in mind.