Emoji | Anime
A server for those who love miku emotes you can use these on other servers if you have nitro. This server is purely only for emotes there are no chatting channels.
Anime | Gaming
Servidor de ragnarok online com o tema do anime Naruto.
Anime | Community
were pretty active please join :sunglasses emoji:
Anime | Art
We're actively looking for passionate Naruto franchise fans that want to help grow a server! We cover everything in the Naruto franchise, so if you'd like to discuss the franchise, share art, GIFs, or debate fights, this is the server you're looking for. We will be doing events and hope that you'll participate in them!
Anime | Entertainment
This Server was created by Naruto Fan Team, which aims to provide best and straight forward answers with direct approach to the viewers.
Anime | Role-Playing
Naruto Roleplay server
This server is dediceted to Nartuto and Anime Fandom. My Instagram is @fugaku._ , 27k followers. We socialize and debate. You can earn free roles too! I also provide weekly wallpapers for anime.