nyeh heh heh here comes papyrus
HELLO AND WELCOME TO I N F E R N U M This is a server aimed to Theistic Satanists, however other religions may join. We treat Satanists and Non-Satanists alike 😀. What we have: 1. Music Bots 2. Fun Bots 3. NSFW bots (Lewdbot) sweat_smile 4. Library of Satanic Books for your studies. 5. Experienced Satanists willing to answer any question that you have! 6. LGBTQ+ Friendly community! And more... Join Now!
A satanist based occult server. Not much to say, come meet the family.
This is a server with ever changing themes because the owner can never decide what she want. Do basically whatever you want without breaking the rules. We are pretty chill here.