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16+ only! A development and socialising discord! Join in for weird conversations, fun conversations, events, coding, modelling, and so much more!
Community | Streaming
A community for streamers and non-streamers alike.
Gaming | Community
Hello! Welcome to Gaming News! We have a huge number of categories dedicated to different games, so you can keep up to date with the latest news and information on them! We're accepting new games every day so we can expand the ever growing collection of 24/7 gaming alerts.
Community | Gaming
Have you ever felt like you were a Freak? 🥰 If so this is the Server for you, This community is open to everyone and everything, our plan is to make you feel at home no matter the weather! ☁️🌈. We consist of Games, Nitro/Paypal Giveaways, Entertainment, Events and more!😇
Community | Gaming
This is my first ever server! You can socialize, listen to music with cmds and talk with others with VC (Voice Chat) and text! If you find any problems, Please report it to #staff-help on the server! Enjoy!
Gaming | Social
Pokemon Hub and Socialising
Community | Social
Welcome to NUIA PRODUCTIONS! This is a community where you can make new friends, converse with various different people, play with everyone and listen to your favourite music among many other things! Our community is very friendly and we take care of eachother, everybody is welcome here. We truly hope that you will enjoy every second here and that you will find new acquaintances or playing buddies with whom you can do something awesome. What else than to make yourself comfy and start exploring our Discord server while making new friends along the way!