Community | Gaming
The Void is a place to wind down after a long day of doing whatever and chat with friends and generally have a good time! :) I hope to see you soon!
LGBT | Social
Cute, chill, and aesthetic server for BTS/k-pop fans! (WE ARE NOT A FINISHED SERVER WE ARE STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS)
Social | Entertainment
Egirls only just to have some girl time!
Social | Meme
Kapsea Plaza, this is a multi-purpose Australian based discord server that welcomes all and is multicultural. This is mainly a server to hang out, play games, talk to new people and have fun. We are a fast-growing community that is hoping to bring people together from all around the world. We want this to be a safe and chill place for everyone. if you have any issues our Staff or Moderators will try their best to keep everything under control and assist you with any problems and make sure you are comfortable as long as you are following the rules. I Hope to see you in there and enjoy being apart of our lit community!
Social | Entertainment
A Discord Server themed after a hotel, you can travel to different floors with an elevator, and each floor has different stuff to do! Heavily focused on socialization and community but there are gaming channels as well.
Gaming | Anime
A server i want to use to make new friends and grow a community
Community | Social
Hello, I'm trying to build friendly community to make more friends and chat since I have no friends. Feel free to join and have a good time.
Anime | Gaming
🥀===================== 🥀 Welcome to 【☾вєntσ вσх☾】~! 🥀 ===================== 🥀 Here, ive made server for people that want to meet other anime and game lovers that also love: 🥀 games like Splatoon, Minecraft, Smash, Pokemon, osu!, and others 🥀 all types of anime 🥀 art, and maybe a little bit of lewd 🥀 We are a friendly, just beginning server with a goal to reach many members~! 🥀 What we have 🥀 🥀 -A small but growing community 🥀 -Mod Applications (Looking for more) 🥀 -Future events such as movie, game, and music night 🥀 -Tons of bots such as Pokecord, Akinator, Waifubot, owobot 🥀 -Channels for all types of art 🥀 -A chill, lgbt+ friendly area 🥀 -Tons of roles 🥀 -Lewd channels 🥀 Partnershipping 🥀 Self Promotion 🥀 Level 1 Nitro Boost 🥀Leveling System 🥀Giveaways 🥀 So come join, I hope you enjoy your stay~!
Gaming | Streaming
Gaming and Streaming server where people can meet new people
Social | LGBT
Fun LGBTQ+ friendly server to chill, talk, and meet new friends
YouTuber | Community
Anime | Emoji
This is a server that is all about anime. If you enjoy chatting about anime or playing some fun games this is for you! We are small right now, but we are trying hard to build it up.
Social | Meme
Just join there aren't any rules
Community | Gaming
Join our new server thats gaining LOADS of momentum today! ~minimal rules ~2:1 female to male ratio ~low cooldown bots ~1mil join currency ~active and chill community ~frequent events and giveaways ~early join roles/perms ~hiring partnership managers
Art | Social
We vibbin.Welcome
Community | Entertainment
This server is just to bring people together, and overall have a great time! The more we grow, the better we become since talking, having fun, and working together, makes stronger bonds. And that's what we what to do here at Marky-Poo's World! So come to join to have a great time we us!
Community | Gaming
21+ VC Gaming Community we all have had meaningful experiences so come and have a conversation about them to enrich each other's lives by having a place we can share a story or just have a good time with friends!!