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Super Server ✭
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We are honestly just trying to grow a lovely community for everyone, come join and you will definitely find some friends uwu
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--Russian Federation-- Friendly community Weekly discord nitro giveaways! Our own discord bot! Requests (can request roles and channels) https://discord.gg/FTSHfTB
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Join Comradies, and our communist army! Comrades, if we do not do such, furries will conquer and capitalism will rule all. We shall not let this happen! Join our army comrade. We have: ☭Friendly active comrade community ☭Vodka for our brothers ☭Self promo for our comrade sellouts ☭Commie Memes ☭Multiple communist themed games ☭Very little rules So join us brothers. As we shall hold hand in hand (no homo) and hail Mother Russia! Disclaimer: Just for the memes. Do not join if you are expecting communist gay rp or actual communism
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Server for learning of socialism & marxism leninism. All tendencies & beliefs are welcome.
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Tankie HQ, pol pot trump hitler & merkel are libtards.